These are quotes said by Xaya.


"It's been so long since I've eaten that I have forgotten what the satisfaction of a full stomach felt like. It feels. Nice." ― Xaya thinking to herself after eating for the first time with Dionicio
"(Xaya) M-my name is Xaya. Do you want to play with me?

(Karinus) Will it help you if I did?

(Korenis) Karinus it's just a yes or no question. Do you want to play with her or not?

(Karinus) Well I've never actually "played" before so I don't think I can.

(Xaya) Oh that's okay, I can teach you! Follow me!

(Karinus) Really?! Okay, wait for me!" ― Xaya meeting Karinus for the first time.

"(Xaya) Big brother.

(Dionicio) Yeah? What is it?

(Xaya) Do you want to know how much I love you?

(Dionicio) Okay, how much do you love me?

(Xaya) I love you *this* much!

(Dionicio) Really? Now that's a surprise because I love you **this** much!

(Xaya) Wow! That's a lot! But I bet I love you even more than that!

(Dionicio) Heh, well how about this. I love you so much that I would sacrifice anything in this world to protect you no matter what. If that monster from the legends tries to destroy the planet, I'll make sure that I kill it good to protect you.

(Xaya) ..............

(Dionicio) Xaya?

(Xaya) I'm okay..... I love you brother." ― Xaya conversing with Dionicio shortly before Shal-Ende's corruption.

Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"(Xaya) You can do it big brother!

(Dionicio) Thanks for your support Xaya. Now stay behind me!" ― Xaya supporting Dionicio as a teammate

"(Dionicio) Xaya, it doesn't have to be like this! (Xaya (Awakened)) Dionicio Fleinford. I'm sorry, but I have no choice. You must perish by my hands." ― Dionicio fighting against Xaya (Awakened)
"I'm sorry friends, but I cannot let you end the cycle, not until this planet learns from their sins and live in unity." ― Xaya (Awakened) fighting against any of the Teral Titans
"(Dioncio) Oh gods.....What has this demon done to you Xaya?

(Xaya (True Form)) ..." ― Dionicio fighting against Xaya (True Form)

"St-Stay away from me!" ― Xaya fighting against certain characters
"KYAAAH!!! W-W-WOLF!!!" ― Xaya fighting against wolf/dog like characters
"If the world can't learn to live peacefully then the cycle must restart." ― Xaya (Awakened)
"..." ― Xaya (True Form)

Win Quotes

"Oh, now where is big brother?" ― Xaya
"You did it! Did I help out big brother? Did I?! Did I?!" ― Xaya winning with Dionicio as a teammate
"Please forgive me. But this has to be done." ― Xaya (Awakened)
"I'm sorry for deceiving you Dionicio. Please understand that you will still be my older brother in the afterlife." ― Xaya (Awakened) after beating Dionicio
"I'm sorry friends, but I have to do this. The planet must learn to live in unity, no matter how many times this cycle repeats." ― Xaya (Awakened) after beating any of the Teral Titans
"If the world can't learn to live peacefully, then the cycle must continue" ― Xaya (Awakened)
"..." ― Xaya (True Form)

Lose Quotes

"Dionicio........Please.......I'm scared......." ― Xaya
"I don't want to be alone again........Big brother........" ― Xaya
"Please kill me now......I deserve to die.........." ― Xaya (Awakened)
"Dionicio please. Don't think of me as your little sister and end me now. Before I hurt someone again......" ― Xaya (Awakened) after being beaten by Dionicio
"Please, kill me now before it makes me hurt someone again. I don't want to live knowing that I've cause so much pain.... ." ― Xaya (Awakened) after begin beaten by any of the Teral Titans
"..." ― Xaya (True Form)

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