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Xaya Tia Guran is one of the main characters on the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Xaya in her normal form has the body of a child with brown hair and black eyes. She is usually always seen wearing a yellow hair bow tie in almost all her appearances. She wears a white and yellow dress with a brown sash as well as brown shoes.

At the ending of the 199th year and the beginning of the 200th year Xaya starts to develop ancient Guran Clan tattoos over her body which eventually reach her face. Once the tattoos spread to her face her hair starts to turn from brown to silver.

In her true form her body changes to that of an adult woman with long white hair, usually floating upwards. Her body is also covered with ancient Guran Clan tattoos as well as four different red circular gems located on her arms and legs. When her eyes are seen, her sclera is red and her pupils are blurry. In this form she wears a red blindfold over her eyes, a yellow head piece with a floating golden arch over her head, a black dress with four ripped openings revealing the gems on her arms and legs, a large gold medallion hanging from her neck with the Guran symbol on it, and gold boots. She also has four gold and red wings on her back.

As a spirit Xaya can change her appearance to look exactly like her true form, but tends to stay in her normal form which looks almost exactly the same except she is wearing a child sized version of the clothes her true form wore and she looks slightly older. She is surrounded with a blue aura, causing Earthlings to mistake her for a hologram. She can also change into a small ball of light.



Xaya has the mind of a 12 year old girl, despite mentally being over 1200 years old due to her curse. She is often seen being happy and curious to everything around her due to never leaving her temple not wanting to see a world that she would have to eventually destroy. Due to her kind and joyful nature people around her normally describe her as the "purest form of innocence."

When meeting new people Xaya tends to be shy around them, until she gets to know them better and they become friends. Xaya also loves nature and is often seen picking flowers or playing with animals.

Due to her past trauma she would sometimes have mental breakdowns and begin to cry uncontrollably, one example being when she saw a humanoid wolf monster resembling the form of her captor's monster transformation. Whenever she hears of others talking about a legend of a woman who destroyed the planet of Teral she tended to become nervous and would begin to worry that they might find out about who she really was. She also panics when seeing anything resembling or having something to do with the Guran Clan, like when she came face to face with a Koraz possessed Caras Das. She also developed a fear of abandonment as she would constantly cling to Dionicio in fear of being alone again.

After Shal-Ende reawakened and influenced Xaya's mind she was convinced that the only way to stop the sin of humanity from spreading was to destroy the planet. However after some talking from Dionicio and the others she placed all her faith in them to stop her.

New Earth

After losing her memory and landing on New Earth Xaya largely remained the same in terms of personality, although she was a bit more sassy and a lot more confident. She also inherited some of Dionicio's personality traits as at times she can be seen as very menacing and formidable often quoting him without remembering who he was.

True Form

While in the true form she is completely devoid of any emotions and is only focused on destroying Teral and anyone who stopped in her way. The only emotion she showed was anger when her blindfold was ripped off by Everett exposing her eyes.


Early Life

Xaya was born into the Guran Clan, the dominant clan on the planet Teral at the time, as the daughter of the leader Xornin and his wife Xeena. Being the daughter of the leader she was taught many leadership, virtues, values, and other concepts as she would one day become the leader of the Guran Clan, having a lot of pressure placed onto her during her childhood. She did not see her brothers, Xelk and Xadol, often as they were usually out of the continent. After the Guran clan slowly died out due to an alchemy experiment going wrong, Xaya was the last remaining member of the Guran Clan. Before her father’s death he implanted into her mind the plan that she would be forced to take the responsibility to destroy the planet of Teral every 200 years to create a new Teral in an endless cycle as the people of the planet would always become corrupt and that the only way to re-balance everything was to destroy everything and start anew. She was then imbued with magic that would allow her to live forever and have eternal youth unless she was defeated in battle along with the demon Shal-Ende that resided within her, in which case she would perish and fade away. After her father's death Xaya's mind was overtaken by Shal-Ende and she destroyed the planet for the first time and sped up time for the planet until civilizations began to form.

Through the years she would observe humanity, seeing if they really deserved to die as she did not completely agree with the idea of destroying the whole planet, although in the end she would be forced to restart it all as Shal-Ende would always take over if she were to show signs of sympathy at the last moment before the 200th year of that cycle. Not wanting to become close to people that she would eventually have to kill she secluded herself in a hidden temple located deep within the Forest of Fortonain. Every 200 years she would reluctantly leave the temple to destroy everything, then return to the temple to wait 200 more years with only Shal-Ende to talk to, until the year 2798 when Shal-Ende fell into a deep sleep, freeing Xaya from his control.

New Life

Using this as an opportunity she left the temple to rejoin civilization, hoping that her father was wrong about the world and that it could change. She is then unfortunately kidnapped by Stensil and Kraidin, two monsters who were notorious in the Monster Realm for their mass kidnappings across the Living Realm, and was then put up for ransom. Hoping someone would save her she still had a spark of hope for humanity, but no one came for her. Days pass and her faith in humanity is slowly lost as she is tortured constantly by Stensil and Kraidin. Xaya tried to fight back managing to scar Kraidin below his eye angering him. Just before Kraidin was about to kill her though Stensil stopped him and suggested that he should release his anger in "another way". They then transformed into their Wollfen forms, ignoring her pleas and mentally scarring her fro life. After they were done with her the two left saying that they would kill her eventually just like they do with all the kids they kidnap. She stayed in the corner of the room crying to herself asking her father why he had to place the burden of life on her.

Days pass and she hears the steps of Stensil and Kraidin coming closer to her cell. Believing that they were back to torture her again she hid in the corner, but is surprised to see that the two had thrown a young blue haired man into the cell and left. When the young man awoke he noticed Xaya in the corner and immediately ran towards her and asked if she was alright surprised that someone was worried about her. After conversing with the young man she found out that his name was Dionicio and that he had been searching for her after seeing her ransom paper. He asked her if they did anything bad to her and she remained silent looking away causing him to think of something else to talk about. She told him that she lost her faith in humanity when no one came to save her and that she was shocked of how genuinely worried he was about her. He replied saying that ever since he saw her picture on the ransom he was worried to death that she might have been dead and that he was beyond relieved that she was alive.

After putting her into a good mood Stensil and Kraidin walked in and began to walk towards Xaya. Dionicio blocked their way in an attempt to stop them, but was overpowered and binded with entrapment chains. He demanded to know what they did with her and they responded by making Xaya say what they did to her. She began to unsteadily talk about her tortures before she began to cry. Stensil sadistically smiled as Kraidin began to rub the tears off her cheek saying that she was forgetting something very important. She refused to talk but was threatened when Kraidin said that if she did not speak she would have another visit with the "Wolf Man". Upon hearing this she whimpered that she was used and tortured in unholy ways for their own pleasure and that they did the same to all the other missing kids that they kidnapped before killing them.

Dionicio was enraged and demanded to know exactly how many kids they had done the same to and killed as Stensil jokingly responds by saying that they killed the same amount of kids as the number of strands of hair on Dionicio's head. Hearing this he became completely infuriated and managed to break free of the entrapment chains and retrieved his sword attacking the Stensil first as the captors began to transform back into their Wollfen forms.

Although they managed to deal major damage to Dionicio breaking some of his bones, he relentlessly attacked them and eventually overpowered both of them. Even after killing the both of them he continued to slaughter the bodies in a fit of rage. As Xaya watched Dionicio relentlessly fight against the two monsters she thought about how much he must have cared about others to be that determined to fight. After regaining his composure he turned around to see Xaya staring at him in what he assumed was fear. He quickly ran to Xaya and bowed down in forgiveness claiming that he could have saved her and the other children sooner if he had only known earlier. She then pat his head saying that he was not at fault and that she was grateful that he even came.

Xaya with Dio.png

Soon after checking the building for other children they left and Dionicio asked where her parents were. Xaya told him that they died a long time ago and she lived alone for most of her life. Hearing this he offered to be her older brother and adopt her. Upon hearing this Xaya smiled and hugged him addressing him as big brother starting their new relationship as brother and sister. He then brought her into the nearby town to look for Everett. After introducing Xaya to Everett they looked for a restaurant to feed Xaya and along the way Dionicio bought new clothes for Xaya that looked like the clothes her parents gave her.

Fear of Abandonment

After Dionicio failed to keep Xaya safe from a member of the Organization who attacked her he decided that it would be best that she didn't accompany him anymore as he did not want her life to be at risk. After taking Xaya to an orphanage and explaining how he was going to leave her there to be safe Xaya began to cry and beg him to not leave her alone. Despite all of her pleas Dionicio tried to force Xaya to stay despite him not wanting to leave her alone either. In an attempt to force Dionicio to take her with him she bluffed that she knew the Okufa spell which would kill the person who cast the spell. As Dionicio attempted to reason with her Xaya began to shout back that she never wanted to be alone without him as she was afraid that she would be mistreated and used like the "bad wolf men" did. Before she could cast the spell she was knocked out when the priest cast a sleep spell on her causing her to fall to the floor. The priest tells Dionicio that she is welcome to stay at the orphanage but that if she were to do anything to herself when she awoke it would be on his conscious forever. After spending the night thinking to himself Dionicio decided to keep her with him on his journey despite the inevitable dangers. When she woke up on Dionicio's back as they were walking through a forest Xaya asked him to never leave her behind. Dionicio responded by saying that from now on she was going to stay with him no matter what and that he would protect her with his life and soul.

Shal-Ende's Reawakening

Without realizing it, the 199th year of the cycle was coming to a close and Shal-Ende reawakened influencing and partially taking over Xaya’s mind and soul. She however fights back, but decides not to tell the others, fearing that they would turn back on her if they learned of her past. She is eventually separated from the group when taken away by a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones as a hostage. Shal-Ende then takes over her body and forces Xaya to kill the member and she begins to change, causing ancient Guran Clan tattoos to appear all over her body.

Xaya Guran.png

She meets everyone again intent to destroy them so that the pain of killing her friends would be over quicker and so that she would continue her eternal curse to destroy everything. She tells them that this was her fate and that she was sorry for deceiving them. She begins to attack them with overwhelming bursts of energy as they attempt to reason with her and prevent her from destroying the planet. They are eventually forced to fight back when Jolyne De is inflicted with a major injury to the chest. Eventually after battling against them all Dionicio goes in for the finishing blow to the chest, but is not able to strike her as he was not able to bring himself to kill the girl that made him happy throughout his negativity. He misses, but destroys the crystal located on her staff which then explodes blasting both of them across the room.

Xaya's First Defeat.png

When she came to she told them to kill her believing that she truly deserved death for taking the lives of so many innocent people over all the cycles of death she was responsible for. She is then surprised when rather than killing her, Dionicio told her that she was his little sister and that whatever happened before didn't matter to him since he knew that whatever she did she was not able to control and that she was going to continue living as his little sister. As they all began to tell her that she deserved to live and how much that she was worth to them Xaya is brought to tears, but then realizes that Shal-Ende was transforming her into her true form.

Xaya True Form Sketch.png

She tells them to prepare themselves as Shal-Ende influences Xaya once again, transforming her into her true form, a more mature looking form that was even more stronger and adept in magic, but not before she begs them to win the fight. After being defeated once again Shal-Ende leaves her body reverting her back to her original form then throwing her against the wall where she is caught by Korenis as they both crash into the wall. Shal-Ende then battles against the group with Xaya using the last of her power to help weaken Shal-Ende, allowing Dionicio to land the final blow to Shal-Ende ending him as well as the curse stopping the endless cycle of death of Planet Teral for good.


With both Xaya and Shal-Ende being defeated Xaya then falls to the ground. Concerned everyone runs to her as she tells them that she will perish due to the spell being broken that allowed her to stay alive for 1207 years. Even as she stated that she deserved to die for what she had done everyone began to tell her how much she meant to them and that she did not deserve to die. As a last request she asked Dionicio and the others to take her outside so that she can have one last look at the world. When they bring her outside they begin comfort her until she inevitably disappears, wishing that she could have stayed with them longer. As she began to disappear Dionicio began to show his true emotions as he began to tell of how much he really wished he could have been able to find a way to save her so that they could still be together.

Life as a Spirit

Xaya Spirit 2.png

Dionicio then makes a tombstone in memory of her surrounded with precious belongings of the group. After Everett laid her pendant on the tombstone and she began to walk away, Xaya as a spirit returned the pendant to her as she gave her one last smile before disappearing along with the wind. Throughout the rest of the group's journey Xaya would return and watch them from a distance, sometimes using her magic to aid them without them being aware of her presence.

Xaya's Sacrifice

After witnessing Dionicio getting brutally beaten by a member of the Organization, Viktor, that was capable of destroying the entire planet, she stopped time for everything except her and Dionicio right before he was about to be killed. Xaya then appeared before Dionicio. In shock and disbelief, Dionicio began to reach for Xaya. Teleporting in front of Dionicio, she wipes off the tears from Dionicio's eyes asking him why he was crying. Dionicio asked her how she was standing before him and she explained how she has been living as a spirit and was always watching them from a distance.

She then asks Dionicio to receive all of her soul's energy so that he may be able to defeat the enemy threatening to destroy the planet. Dionicio asking what would happen to her was told that she would cease to exist and her soul would be gone forever. He refused this however, saying that he didn't want to lose her again and never be able to see her, even after death.

Xaya then began to talk about how she was glad she met Dionicio back when he saved her from the bandits and how they showed her the beauty that humanity and nature could coexist without the need to restart the world. She talked about how much she fell in love with the planet and said that she was willing to sacrifice her soul to save it.

Dionicio eventually accepts saying one final goodbye to Xaya as she uses all of her soul's energy to give him all of her power, making him almost as strong as a god. She then bids her older brother goodbye and disappears from existence.

Fractured Soul

Xaya's soul manages to survive as a small fragment of her soul lived on and was unconsciously drifting through space, waiting to be awakened by a person with a pure heart that would let her live on within their soul. She eventually reached Planet New Earth and found someone with a pure heart that accepted her to be a part of their soul linking them together, allowing her to slowly regain her memories of all the friends she loved from the planet of Teral as she embarked on a new journey with a group of people on New Earth.

New Earth


Journey to Teral

After many years pass and Xaya regains all her memories she leaves New Earth in search of her older brother. While searching for Teral she journeyed through space, mistaking a few planets for Teral leading her into situations that delayed her from continuing her journey.

Return to Teral

She eventually reaches Teral and finds an older Dionicio at her grave speaking to himself about how much he wanted her to still exist and meet his new daughter. Xaya then surprises him by teleportating in front of him after he said that he would give anything just to see her again. After seeing her, Dionicio jumps back and pulls out his sword believing that there was a monster using his memories to create a fake Xaya. She then calms him down as he realized that she really was the real Xaya. Dionicio then broke down in tears upon realizing that she didn't disappear from existence and she even grew a little older in appearance.

After the two caught up for a bit Dionicio invited Xaya to come with him back to his house so that everyone could see her again. However Xaya declines saying that as much as she would love to see her friends again, she could not stay in the realm of the living for too long or else "he" would get antsy. Before Dionicio could ask who "he" was Xaya hugged Dionicio and told him that she was overjoyed that she regained her memories of him and everyone else and that she hoped she could see them all again. After saying their goodbyes Xaya disappeared with the wind telling Dionicio that she would return eventually and that she couldn't wait to see her niece.



Dionicio first found Xaya in an abandoned house where she was being held captive by two kidnappers. When hearing of the horrible things that the bandits did to her, he became enraged and brutally slaughtered them in a fit of rage even after getting beaten nearly to death by the bandits as they transformed into wolf-like monsters. Afterwards Dionicio asked where her parents were. Xaya tells him that her parents died a long time ago and that she had no family members that were still alive. After hearing her he decides to adopt Xaya as his little sister not wanting her to be alone and scared of the world.

Dionicio and Xaya grow a bond that would fill the hole in Dionicio's heart left behind by the death of almost his entire village. Whenever Xaya was in danger he would risk his life to protect her (which happened on numerous occasions) as Dionicio assured Xaya that no matter what he would protect her and make sure no one would ever make her cry. When being forced to fight her at the end of the 199th year of the cycle, he was not able to land the final blow to her due to not wanting to kill her. After her inevitable death Dionicio fell into a small depression and began to revert back to his old negative self.

When the spirit of Xaya appeared before Dionicio after he was being utterly defeated by a member of the Organization, Dionicio immediately tried to reach for her despite being mortally wounded. She asked him to use all her power to vanquish the enemy so that the world Xaya loved would live on at the cost of her existence. After begging Xaya to not get rid of her existence he eventually accepted and Xaya used all the power in her soul to give Dionicio the strength to protect Teral as she disappeared from existence. After the battle was over, Dionicio mourned for Xaya once again, unaware that a small fragment of her soul lived on and was unconsciously drifting towards another planet, New Earth, waiting to be awakened by a person with a pure heart that would let her live within their soul.

When Dionicio and Everett eventually had a daughter, they decided to name her Xaiya in remembrance of his dearest sister.

Powers and Abilities

Xaya for the most part has the same physical capabilities as a regular 9 year old girl meaning that she does not possess much in terms of power. She does know some magic and possesses some skills, although in battle they are not very useful.

  • Plant Growth Acceleration: Xaya speeds up the growth rate of plants by 2 times. Xaya uses this normally when picking flowers.
  • Shine Up: Xaya increases the shininess and glossiness of any object. Xaya uses this normally on stones she finds to make them "prettier".
  • Confidence Up: Xaya boosts a persons confidence by 100% (doesn't actually increase confidence).
  • Okufa: Xaya uses a spell that would cause her body to react violently and cause her to suffocate and die (although she merely bluffed that she could use this spell it is unknown if she truly knew how to use this spell).

However at the ending of every 199th year and the beginning of every 200th year she gains immense and tremendous power in magic. She is also able to cast more spells than before that help aid her in battle.

  • Explode V3: Xaya shoots out explosions by shooting at an area with her staff.
  • Energy Barrage: Xaya shoots out multiple blasts of energy to attack the enemy at a quick rate.
  • Laser Beam: Xaya shoots out a beam of energy from the gem on her staff.
  • Endurance Up: Xaya can increase her own endurance by 25%.
  • Scorching Rings: Xaya shoots out rings of fire that can clamp on to a person and burns them.
  • Atmos Quake: Xaya causes ripples of wind to violently slash at opponents after swinging her staff in the air.
  • Summon: Xaya has the ability to summon two of the same monster at a time, those being two cloaked hooded figures wielding energy blades coming from their hands.
  • Ice Spikes: Xaya points in a direction with her staff and a row of giant icicles shoot up from the ground in that direction.

If the situation calls for it Shal-Ende can fully take over Xaya's body and change her into her true form, a more mature looking and more powerful form, rivaling that of even Yamanari Hikaru's level of power. She can now cast even more powerful spells that are even stronger than her previous form.

  • Flight: Xaya can fly using her four wings on her back.
  • Guran Blade: Xaya forms a sword out of condensed energy that comes from her right hand.
  • Double Guran Blade: Xaya forms two swords out of condensed energy coming out of both of her hands.
  • Floral Eruption: Xaya causes plant roots to grow out of the ground at an alarming rate which she can control and move with her mind.
  • Arm of Nephistase: Xaya opens a portal in which a giant arm emerges and attacks anyone in front of the portal.
  • Tears of Keina: Xaya opens a portal and summons a tsunami.
  • Shadow Pentagram: Xaya forms a pentagram out of magic energy and it begins to disperse out shadows damaging anyone caught in the pentagram.
  • Frigid Ring: Xaya shoots out an ice ring that clamps onto an opponent's body parts to begin to form ice on the person, causing them to get frostbite if the ring isn't removed.
  • Endurance Up: Xaya can now increase her own endurance by 45%.
  • Summon V2: Xaya can now summon one monster, that being a stone statue with high endurance that shoots beams of energy out of it's eyes.
  • Agony's Stare: If Xaya's blindfold is removed she can fire beams of red energy that follow a person until contact is made.
  • Eyes of Mortismr: Xaya creates floating orbs that shoot lasers in six directions while rotating around.
  • Time Acceleration: This only happens after Xaya destroys Teral at the end of a cycle. After destroying Teral, Xaya speeds up time for the planet to the point where civilizations begin to form.

As a spirit she retains all the spells that she previously had while she was alive, however she cannot use them too much as if she were to use all her energy as a spirit while casting a spell she would disappear completely from existence. She also has the ability to change her form as a spirit to look like her mature form.

After most of her soul was fractured after making it to New Earth she lost most of her memories, along with a large majority of her magical abilities. Over the journey she slowly relearned almost all of her abilities, although at a rather slow rate.


Xaya Quotes


  • Xaya's name was a mix of the names of two different characters (Xion from Kingdom Hearts and Maya from Ys Seven).
  • Xaya shares the same middle name with the character Tia from Ys Seven.
  • The spell used by Xaya in her true form Atmos Quake's name is the same as a mini-game featured in the game Action 52.
  • Xaya's favorite food is flan.
  • Xaya was originally going to have silver hair, a golden bow, a blue and yellow dress, a purple sash, and brown boots.
  • Xaya's unofficial theme is Bad Apple!!
  • Julie Dell once attempted to teach Xaya how to defend herself, only to regret it when Dionicio saw Xaya accidentally get hurt.
  • Xaya developed a fear of dogs and wolves due to the appearance of Stensil and Kraidin's monster transformations.
    • Ironically Xaiya, Dionicio and Everett's daughter, has a pet dog and often falls in love with all dogs upon first sight.


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