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These are quotes said by Viktor.


"Anezka brought nothing but pure joy and happiness to my life and what did the world do? What did the people who were supposed to protect the people and keep them from the hands of death? They slaughtered her. Slaughtered her as if she was nothing more than a filthy disgusting animal! And for what reason? For showing me love. For giving me the love and care that my own people never gave to me by abandoning me to the wolves! It was at that moment I knew that I could never trust people, I could never trust humanity, because humanity will never change. But I thought to myself, if humanity can't change, why bother being a apart of it. Why be an ant among a colony when you can become a lion, the king of all beasts!" ― Viktor explaining to Lixue why he thought so little about other people.

"(Lixue) You know, ever since the first day I was assigned to be your assistant I have always wondered one thing.

(Viktor) And that would be?

(Lixue) You, the most womanizing sex addict in the galaxy, treated me differently. I know it's not that you don't find me attractive and I also know it's not that you have romantic feelings for me, so why specifically me out of all the women in the galaxy do you treat me specially?

(Viktor) ......I.....You just remind me of someone. Someone I lost a long time ago, long before the Organization, long before my kinghood, and long before I learned true pain. I see a bit of her in you and, looking at you just reminds me of what I've become, what she warned me not to be, what she loathed....... Is that enough information for you?

(Lixue) ......Yes.....I believe I know enough."

― Lixue talking to Viktor after he killed a rogue Organization member who attacked Lixue

"Even though I had all the riches, all of the praises, all of the women, and all of the people under my control, I still felt empty. My life had no meaning and I had nothing to live for. Then one day I was tasked with personally interrogating a family that withheld vital information. When they refused to give me the information something broke in me and I got an overwhelming urge, an urge to kill. The father tried so hard to protect them all. I can still remember the utter terror in his face when I erased the face of the wife clean off her head as the empty hole left of her face bled out. Then I erased the limbs of the grandfather one by one as he screamed in agony until I let him bleed out with all his arms and legs missing. The sister and grandmother tried to run for help but I was too quick for them and I erased their torsos leaving their disembodied heads arms and legs fall to the ground as they got one last look at the father. The children, oh the children. You don't even want to know what I did with the children. Point is, the look of pure terror and grief in that fathers face sparked something within me, something that turned me into a monster." ― Viktor answering Dio as to why he was such a heartless monster

"(Viktor) Groan, these Kindern Rank newbies drive me to drink.

(Lixue) But you were an alcoholic before you joined the Organization.

(Viktor) Don't bring that up in front of these guys."

Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"Oh you look quite ravishing! I shall add you to my personal brothel. Don't make me do it by force." ― Viktor fighting against certain female characters

"Disgusting. Do you even classify as a woman? Much less a person? Begone from my sight." ― Viktor fighting against certain female characters

"The reason as to why I live is to see the faces of those that I terrorize with my brutal punishments. The blood of you and all of those you care about shall fuel my will to live!"

"Now tell me, what is the most agonizing way to die that you can think of? Because I can think of something twice as painful."

"(Viktor) So what if you have attained god level power, you are still nothing more than a grain of sand in a desert compared to me!

(Dionicio) You underestimate the power of trust and unity, something a monster like you would never understand!"

― Viktor fighting against Dionicio

"(Viktor) You and I are similar. We both seeked revenge after losing something we loved more than ourselves. If you were to have gotten your revenge you may have turned out to be like me.

(Dionicio) Don't you dare compare the two of us as if we are similar! What could a heartless monster like you ever love more than yourself?!"

― Viktor fighting against Dionicio

"(Viktor) You're special to that blue haired kid right? Ohohoho the things I can do to you to make him break his mind!

(Everett) Don't you dare come any closer! Try anything and I'll blast you back into the far reaches of space!"

― Viktor fighting against Everett

Win Quotes

"Kekekeke. Kekehahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!"


"Now then perhaps I shall show that blue haired kid your lifeless corpse after I butcher you like a pig! That is after I'm done having my fun with you." ― Viktor after beating Everett

"Now you belong to me!" ― Viktor after beating certain female characters

"Anezka......I wonder what you would think of me if you saw me now....."

"DEATH TO ALL!!!!!!!!"

Lose Quotes



"I've killed too many innocents to deserve Heaven. I will gladly go to Hell for my sins if it means Anezka won't see the disgrace that I had become in her death."

"A-Anezka. This is what I deserve for not listening to you.....I'm....Sorry......."