Viktor Lyrcoris is one of the strongest members of the Organization of the Fated Ones and a major antagonist in the Planet Teral Storyline.


In his suppressed form Viktor has the appearance of an average adult male. He wears a special version of the Organization robe with a different color scheme. In battle Viktor removes his robe when getting serious. He also wears special gauntlets on his hands to prevent him from using his erasing powers.

Once Viktor begins to use 50% of his full power his body changes and grows larger as his muscles begin to increase in size significantly.

At 100% of his full power Viktor's body and muscle mass increases extraordinarily and large veins begin to show through his muscles. His body is also engulfed in fiery energy.


When first introduced Viktor appeared to be a proud ruler of multiple planets who worked with the Organization of the Fated Ones. He took pride in all his work and claimed that the Organization was a blessing in disguise from the heavens, despite knowing all of the cruel deeds performed by the Organization.

However underneath all of this pride and mightiness was a maniacal and broken man who wanted nothing more than to torture people to see the look of terror in their eyes. This personality was first revealed by Viktor when he was assigned to interrogate a family withholding important information and he felt an overwhelming urge to kill them all. Viktor would hide this devilish personality from others.

Viktor thinks very little of people, seeing them as only as bugs and seeing himself as a god. He thinks very little of women as he only sees them as tools to please his lust, gathering many women he finds appealing to be in his personal brothel of women from different planets he enslaved.

As a child Viktor was untrusting to others except for Anezka who took care of him and protected him from harm. The only time in his life when he showed true love and care for someone was when Anezka was alive. After her death at the hands of the people who were supposed to protect the innocent, Viktor lost all reasoning and ignored her teachings of

After he began to lose to Dionicio after he was powered up by Xaya's remaining soul energy he finally snapped and completely lost all sense of reason and his sanity was destroyed he became a mindless monster only focused on killing everything in his sight.


Life on Planet Tropurc


Coming in contact with the Organization


Becoming Viktor, Ruler of Worlds


True personality reveals itself


Conquering planets


Planet Teral


Sanity completely broken


Death by Dio and Everett







Organization of the Fated Ones








Powers and Abilities

Being one of the strongest members of the Organization, Viktor is extremely powerful as he is capable of destroying entire planets by himself as he had stated that Teral would be the 24th planet he would destroy. He however suppresses this power in a weaker form that is still powerful enough to easily beat most foes. At 50% Power he was able to easily defeat Dio. After Dio was powered up by the remaining soul energy of Xaya Viktor was barely able to keep up with the new God level Dio and lost his right arm. Eventually when Viktor's sanity is completely broken he releases 100% of his full power and is able to keep up with Dio eventually overpowering him once again. However when Everett filled with the energy of all the fallen people of Teral infused into her soul appears he is easily taken down when DIo and Everett team up against him eventually finishing him off and slaying him for good.

  • Matter Erasure: Viktor's most lethal and powerful ability, using his bare hands he can erase anything he touches with the palms of his hands, which includes all forms of matter. It is unknown if the things he erases are gone from existence or if it simply kills the person as not even Viktor himself knows what happens to the things he erases.
  • Erasure Resistant Gauntlets: To prevent himself from accidentally erasing everything he touched Viktor dons a pair of enchanted gauntlets that both serves as weapons and a way to hold things. These gauntlets are made of pure Atrocilite, one of the toughest metals in the universe.


Viktor Quotes


  • Viktor's character was based on the idea of an alternate situation in which Dionicio was the only survivor from the Frelia Village if he had gotten his revenge.
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