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Decus Vesper Jibril is a member of the Organization that appears in the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Vesper has a black beard that covers his mouth. He has one scar on each cheek and he always wears visors to cover the large scar that blinded both of his eyes given to him by a previous enemy. These visors are connected to two ear devices that allows him to communicate with other Organization members. He also wears a grey beanie hat and a standard Organization of the Fated Ones robe. He is missing his hands due to cutting them off himself.



Not much is known about Vesper's past, all that is known is that at one point of his life he was accepted to join the Organization of the Fated Ones and became one of the top members due to his immense strength in magic spells. To focus on controlling his pysche and mental energy he cut off his hands to force himself to only rely on his senses and magic forcing himself to train his mind. Unlike the other members of the Organization he believes that violence should not be the first way to achieve their goals. Regardless if he needs to he will force himself to use his powers for battle if the situation escalates. He eventually meets another member of the Organization named Rogan and they became good friends.



When Rogan joined the Organization, Rogan and Vesper often discuss their ideals and morals to each other in private and got to know more about each other. They eventually considered each other friends and began to plan to take over the Organization and change the goal of universal domination as they both did not agree with the ideals of the Organization.

Abilities and Powers

Vesper has an immense amount of mental energy allowing him to use magic with massive power and destruction capabilities. After landing on a star cruiser he managed to defeat an entire group of bounty hunters by simply glaring at a single oil tank. He also has a vast knowledge of magic spells he rarely uses due to defeating his enemies without needing to use any spells

  • Flight: Vesper can levitate off the ground and even fly in space
  • Speed Up: Vesper can increase his own movement speed by 125%
  • Delay 13: Vesper can freeze an opponent in time for 13 seconds
  • Explode: Vesper can cause any non organic object to explode
  • Explode V2: Vesper can cause some organic matter to explode, however this can only be done with weak organisms
  • Mental Blades: Vesper can channel his mental energy to materialize energy blades coming from where his hands used to be.
  • Magnetism Up: Vesper can increase the magnetism between any amount of objects within 5 meters of his range
  • Endurance Up: Vesper can increase his own endurance by 50%
  • Vitality Up: Vesper can increase his own power and energy when running out of stamina
  • Solar Strike: Vesper absorbs some energy from the nearest sun to shoot a blazing beam at his enemy
  • Tears of Keina: Vesper summons a tsunami from the nearest body of water
  • Extinction: Though never used before, this spell has been rumored to have the destructive capabilities to cause an entire planet to implode
  • Shadow Pentagram: Vesper forms a pentagram out of magic energy and it begins to disperse out shadows damaging anyone caught in the pentagram
  • Frigid Ring: Vesper shoots out an ice ring that clamps onto an opponent's body parts to begin to form ice on the person, causing them to get frostbite in under 10 seconds if the ring isn't removed.


Vesper Quotes


  • Vesper's design was initially based off Metatron from Star Ocean Second Story as they both wore visors, both were able to easily defeat the heroes, and were part of a villainous group.
  • Vesper was originally going to have mechanical body parts, but it was changed due to him seeming too much like a robot.
  • Vesper was the first character designed that was a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones.