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The Utena Blade is a broadsword forged on the planet Umlaba. It was made with advanced Umlaban technology which was mistaken as magic by the people of Teral. It is wielded mainly by the Teralian Lygid.


The Utena Blade was forged on the planet Umlaba. It was then taken by a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones to be kept in storage.

It was eventually given to a Teralian named Lygid who was tasked with assassinating Dionicio to cure her younger sister Naomi. After being beaten Lygid used the sword's fail safe and stabbed herself in the heart, healign all her wounds and increasing bother her and the sword's power. From then on the sword increased in size permanently.

After failing to defeat Dionicio and instead befriending him Lygid continued to wield the Utena Blade, unknowingly increasing its dormant power with each kill.


At first when Lygid received the Utena Blade it resembled a simple very simple looking broadsword around 40 inches made out of carbon steel. After unlocking the fail safe of the sword by stabbing herself in the heart the sword grew in size as the blade, hilt, and handle began to expand outwards. After the the sword finished transforming it grew to be almost as large as her body. Translucent screens located on the cross guards of the sword reveal a purple like energy surging inside of the sword with an hourglass emblem in the middle.



Powers and Abilities

Prior to transforming the Utena Blade was a broadsword made of carbon steel. Being made of carbon steel it was considerably stronger than most common swords on Teral, however it was on par with the Edari Hope when she fought against Dionicio.

The Utena Blade has a fail safe for when Lygid is in danger. This fail safe can only be activated if Lygid is close to being defeated and requires her to stab herself in the heart with the tip of the sword. Doing this would cause her to revitalized and stronger as well as healing all previous wounds. After doing this the sword would begin to levitate in the air and transform as the blade and hilt would expand as well as surrounding both Lygid and the weapon in a purple electric-like aura. After this process Both Lygid and the sword would become more devastatingly powerful as well as being faster, leading her to almost defeating Dionicio. After the first time using the Utena Blade's fail safe, the sword permanently stayed the same size. Along with the new form of the Utena Blade came new abilities available for Lygid to use:

  • Gust Ripper: Lygid swings the Utena Blade with enough force to cause a gust of wind to shoot in a specific direction, being able to cut down multiple trees at once.
  • Crescent Slash: Lygid slashes crescents of energy out of her sword.
  • Berserk Breaker: Lygid violently hacks and slashes at the opponent at high speeds until she tires out.
  • Violet Whirlwind: Lygid swings her sword around as she starts circling around creating a whirlwind that she then shoots at a specific direction.
  • Phantom Clones: Lygid can create mirages of herself to trick enemies into attacking and making contact with one of her fakes, causing them to be shocked by high voltage energy.
  • Velocity Vanquishment: A variation of the attack Shadow Vanquishment used by Dio Flei, this version of the attack is much quicker, but is easier to counter.