Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey Wiki

Why I created Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey

I started working on this imaginary (fake) franchise when I started sketching random character designs sometime at the end of 2017. I would post these sketches on my Instagram where I would sometimes (never) get feedback for how good I was. Afterwards I started creating stories for these characters, then personalities, then over time I realized I just became a non furry version of a Sonic OC creator. Regardless I made this wiki so I can dump all the ideas from my mind somewhere so I can sleep without all my characters pestering me at night with ideas. Who knows, maybe one day I might work for Funimation and I'll make this into a real franchise (lmao never happening).


The main inspiration for the entire idea of a series that would take place on different planets was the video game series Star Ocean. Although most of my characters and ideas are original creations, some Sea of Stars characters/ideas were inspired from many pieces of media ranging from movies to anime to cartoons to basically anything I find interesting, although I do add my own spin to it so that it's not a carbon copy (an example of this is the character Dio who's design was initially based off of Dias Flac from the Star Ocean Series although they have completely different stories).