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The Universal Government is the government originating from the planet Earth uniting many developed planets in the universe.



Different aliens from multiple planets in the Yor Zah Quadrant of the galaxy decide to join together in a government that would expand across the universe as they would get other planets to join them to form a union of all species.


The Federal Government of the United States was founded in 1789. Over time the government began to grow and develop.


Numerous amounts of people who disappearing with no explanation starting on September 19, 1961 when a couple was driving back to their home and they saw a bright light behind them. They were then abducted by a group sent by the Universal Government to be questioned. This continued for months until they erased the memories of the couple as well as the other humans across the planet and made contact with the World Government telling them and their universal government. After some talking and discussing between all the government officials from all around the world they agreed to join the Universal Government without any Earthlings finding out. After the aliens left all the officials were knocked out and had their memories erased by the American government officials so that only America would benefit from the agreement.


Evidence and documented recordings get leaked by a rogue American government official who reveals that Earth was united with other alien planets in a Universal Government and that the Federal Government planned to integrate the aliens into the planet. Word spread around the world quickly as the people of Earth began to panic and react in violent ways protesting not wanting to live with aliens among them due to the negative views of aliens due to the negative depictions of aliens in the media. Eventually the Earth became a battleground as Russia, North Korea, and many other world powers began to fight against America and soon each other due to not being included in the agreement and feeling betrayed starting World War III. This war would continue for years devastating the planet with nuclear weapons and destruction leading to the deaths of millions of civilians and soldiers catching the attention of the Universal Government.


Universal Government ships arrived to the planet and forcibly evacuated all residents, except for soldiers, off of Earth and moved them to another habitable planet which was then named New Earth. After arriving all non government officials had their memories rewritten so that they would forget everything about the aliens and that the planet they were living on was the same Earth they had lived on forever, however they changed some historical events to explain the different continents and other inconsistencies.

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