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Tartus Gemann is a high ranking colonel from the country of Kyerik located on Planet Ekstrakt. He is one of the main characters in the Planet Ekstrakt Storyline in Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Tartus wears a coat meant to be worn by colonels, although he changed it a bit to match his sense of fashion. He wears a hat that is ripped on the front revealing some of his hair. He bears a scar across his nose.




Abilities and Powers

Tartus being a colonel and commanding officer of Kyerick's 64th Regiment knows many different forms of combat as well as how to use a variety of weapons and spells. He is most adept in elemental spells involving fire as he states that his spells are as hot as his burning soul.

  • Flight: Tartus can sprout wings made of fire from his back allowing him to fly.
  • Ignite: Tartus can ignite small objects or weak enemies on fire with little effort.
  • Fire Ball: Tartus shoots out a small ball of flames at the target.
  • Fire Ball 2X: Tartus shoots out balls of fire out of the both of his hands at an alarming rate.
  • Burning Cloak: Tartus engulfs himself with a layer of fire to protect himself from attacks.
  • Bennu's Breath: Tartus summons a large flaming bird to fly through enemies.
  • Fire Absorption: Tartus can absorb flames from anything, including enemy attacks.
  • Burning Sheath: Tartus can set any weapon on fire including swords, javelins, arrows, hammers, and even individual bullets from guns.


Tartus Quotes

"The flames from my attacks are as hot as my burning soul! And some selfish bastard like you isn't even close to being enough to extinguish it!" ― Tartus to Onuyasu after fighting one on one.


  • Tartus' name is based off of pastry tarts as well as Tartarus from Greek mythology.


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