Takuto Hideaki is a recurring character in the Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey stories.


Takuto has the appearance of a man around 6 feet tall with no hair and dark skin. Attached to his head is a green visor connecting to two pads covering his ears. He also wears a mouth guard covering the entirety of his lower face. Tattooed to his forehead is a tattoo similar to the ones that Karinus and Korenis have on their foreheads.

He wears a suit of armor colored in black, purple, pink, red, and gold. He wears a black and red cape as well as gold boots almost identical to the ones that Yamanari wears.

On his left arm he has an amulet of the chosen attached to an armband. He also has the Guran Clan symbol on the left of his breastplate and a design of an eye similar to the one on Yamanari's scarf.




There is nothing known about Takuto’s past. All that is known is that he is often seen near Yamanari, seeming like a bodyguard ever since the year 2190.


Abilities and Powers


  • Takuto's design was partially based on Darth Vader from Star Wars.


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