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Stensil and Kraidin are two monsters that are notorious in the Monster Realm for their mass kidnappings of children from the Living Realm.


In their monster forms they appear to be large humanoid wolf monsters around 7 feet tall. Stensil's fur is gray while Kraidin's fur is black. They both have yellow eyes which glow red when they are hurt.

In their disguises they appear to be regular inhabitants of the planet they are located on.

On Teral Stensil appears to be a young light skinned man with a tall stature, blonde hair, and a friendly face. On Teral Kraidin appeared to be a dark skinned man with a tall stature and black hair.


At first glance to most people Stensil and Kraidin appear to be normal people with friendly personalities making them seem innocent. In reality though they were both sadistic and maniacal monsters that only cared for kidnapping children to satisfy their lustful and torturous desires.

Stensil has a calm and elegant personality while Kraidin has a more energetic and unpredictable personality.




Stensil and Kraidin

Stensil and Kraidin have been working together for years to kidnap children as they both had similar desires that they wanted to satisfy. As a duo the two are always working together never arguing as they were almost exactly the same in thoughts and mind. Even so however they do have different personalities as Stensil appeared to be more calm and elegant while Kraidin was energetic and crude.

Powers and Abilities

When in their monster forms Stensil and Kraidin are a formidable pair as they possess super strength and are incredibly fast compared to normal humans.

  • Submissive Breath: Stensil or Kraidin breathes a special gas into the throat of another person to make them pass out.
  • Entrapment Chains: Stensil or Kraidin cast a spell that binds someone with magic chains making them unable to move.


Stensil and Kraidin Quotes


  • Stensil and Kraidin's names are derived from the words stencil and crayon as they are both used in art.