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Souls are the spiritual essences of all living beings. After a being dies their soul survives and moves on to the afterlife, which will be either the Heaven Realm or Hell Realm depending on how good or bad a soul was.




Souls are extremely powerful as the energy that powers the soul forged by El himself. They also have different powers that can be utilized by living beings.

  • Souls can be captured and used as batteries to power technology and weapons as seen with the secret Soul Energy Extraction Project, (S.E.E.P.), on the Planet Ekstrakt.
  • Souls can fuse with living beings to grant them a magic and strength boost as seen with Everett when her soul was fused with those of deceased Teralians granting her godly power.
  • An extremely powerful soul can sacrifice it's own existence to grant a person god-like power equivalent to the soul that was sacrificed, as seen when Xaya nearly faded from existence after granting Dionicio nearly all of her soul's energy to turn him into a Teralian God.

Types of Souls