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Sors Understar is the son of Baem and Gatcha.


Sors slightly resembles Baem during his teen years as stated by Gatcha. His hair is black with two streaks of blue. Due to his unknown disease his arms, legs, and parts of his face and neck have been turned into a metal like material.






The Interplanetary Wars




Powers and Abilities

Early in his childhood it was discovered that he had an unknown disease that would turn certain spots of his body into a metal like material. Sors is able to control this metal to his liking and can change its shape to forge weapons in place of his arms and legs. The metal can also react to danger as it will harden and get cold when Sors is in danger.

  • Solid Stamper: Sors hardens his leg and stomps quickly against a surface to make it vibrate intensely. He can also use this on enemies to easily break bones.


Sors Quotes


  • It is possible that the disease that Sors has is the same disease that the Teralian Naomi suffers.
    • When Lygid checks beneath Naomi's dress she comments on how the infected area's color looked completely different than the surrounding skin, similar to how the infected areas on Sors' body are a metallic color compared to his skin.
    • Naomi comments that the infected area felt cold when getting scared, similar to how Sors' infected areas react when in danger.
  • Sors' unofficial theme is Save this World from the game Phantasy Star Universe