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Zadkiel Shigeo Camael is a member of the Organization that appears in the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.



Shigeo is very strict and unforgiving, punishing those who are against the Organization with painful deaths as she ruthlessly attacks anyone who gets in her way, whether they are an enemy or an ally. If any of her underlings mess up in the slightest way, she punishes them by either beating them nearly to death or just killing them if she feels disgusted enough by them.

Members of the Organization that work under her describe her as a cold and heartless woman that treats anyone under her with no respect and will not hesitate to kill anyone if they irritate her in any sort of way.


Not much is known about Shigeo's past, all that is known is that at one point of her life she was chosen to become a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones and became one of the top members due to her skill in summoning monsters with great prowess.

Over her many years of serving the Organization by summoning monsters for them to use in battle she eventually is assigned a mission on Planet Ekstrakt. Here she fought against a warrior going by the name of Yven F. Seliph who attempted to stop her from entering his village where they were having a crisis among the children as they were all suffering from an unknown illness causing blood to seep out of their skin at a deadly rate. After being fed up with fighting the warrior, Shigeo summoned Yog-Sothol who then cursed Yven's entire family as well as their future generations causing them to change their appearance, clothing, and personality based on their psych. After getting cursed and being confused he was then killed, but Shigeo left the village alone, not wanting to catch the illness herself.

Eventually she one day returns to Planet Ekstrakt hearing of a monster with the ability to see the future and wanting to investigate. She eventually meets Cronyx F. Seliph, a descendant of Yven who looked for her intending defeat her believing that it would reverse the curse and allow him and his family to have normal lives. He was quickly defeated by Shigeo and was then tossed into the sea off of a cliff left to drown to death (although he is then saved by Keema afterwards). Shigeo continued her search trying to avoid any more attention hoping to not get any of the governments to find out about her.


Powers and Abilities

Shigeo has the ability to summon monsters at will. Each monster summoned will drain a certain amount of her energy depending on how powerful it is. She can also only summon a certain amount of monsters at the same time depending on how much energy each one takes in order to fight.

Shigeo can fight hand to hand, but usually only does this when she is unable to summon any monsters to do her bidding.



  • Shigeo's design was partially based off of Shaak Ti from Star Wars.
  • Shigeo was the second character designed that was a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones.