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Seueum is one of the main characters on the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


As a regular baby snake Seueum looked like a normal snake with red skin and green eyes.

After the ritual was over and Seueum was infused with mystic powers, Seueum would grow a green emerald out of the top of her head and grow large sharp teeth. She also grew a bit in size and would rapidly grow as the years went by.

At the age of 611 Seueum was massive, larger than the clock tower located in the middle of the town of Presic.

After permanently attaching herself to Baem, she shrunk in size and looked similarly to how she looked after the ritual ended.


Due to inheriting the knowledge and wisdom of the smartest shamans in Ekstrakt's past, she is a very wise and intelligent being one of the few people smarter than Gehst. Seueum talks in a very straight forward fashion making very blunt statements stating that there is no need to "sugarcoat" the truth.

Although usually calm due to knowing the future, Seueum can still panic as history can be changed at any given moment as she has knowledge of the existence of alternate timelines and universes.

She also does not talk to many people other than Baem due to being attached to only him. While having the ability to telepathically communicate to others, she only does so if necessary as she sees it as a waste of energy.


Seueum was the result of an ancient clan channeling all their knowledge into a baby snake as a test to awaken the senses of animals. Seueum after the ritual gained the knowledge of the smartest shamans and gained the ability to see into the future. Over the years Seueum stayed underwater waiting for the person known as Baem to be born in 600 years so that they could fulfill the premonition Seueum experienced as she had her senses awakened to their fullest potential. She laid underwater asleep until Baem was born. Once Baem was brought into the world, Seueum telepathically watched over Baem until he turned 25 and Seueum enacted upon the premonition. Seueum then “attacked” the town of Presic, luring Baem so that she may test his power and fulfill their fate. After a heated battle between the two, Seueum activated an ancient spell that shrunk her in size and permanently attached herself to Baem. She then telepathically revealed herself and stated that it was destiny that they would meet. Seueum tells Baem of how there will be a threat known as the Organization of the Fated Ones that would threaten the lives of all the people on Ekstrakt and all other planets. Baem not believing her starts to attempt to remove her and tell the kingdom officials. To get Baem to believe her, she shows him a premonition of his future. Seeing this made Baem pass out, only to be awoken by Gehst. Baem, now believing Seueum, decides to set off on a journey to save Ekstrakt and attempt to defeat the colossal power of the Organization.



When Baem heared of a giant snake attacking the town of Presic, Baem set out intent to defeat the snake. After battling Seueum, she decides that Baem was indeed strong enough to fulfill his destiny and she permanently attaches herself to Baem telling him of the Organization of the Fated Ones. At first Baem wants to get rid of Seueum as soon as possible, but eventually listens to Seueum and sets out on a journey to save Ekstrakt. Over the journey Baem would constantly complain to Seueum questioning why she had to permanently attach herself to Baem, in which she would respond by saying that it was because of fate, annoying Baem. Eventually Seueum starts telling Baem of his future to keep him motivated on his quest.


When first seeing Seueum, Gatcha immediately grew a liking to Seueum, finding her a fascinating creature being able to attach herself to Baem. Over the journey Gatcha would talk to Seueum being one of the only people to be able to get a response out of Seueum as she would telepathically talk to Gatcha.


At first when seeing Seueum, Keema was worried and slightly scared by the snake as she did not want Gehst going on a dangerous journey with a man that had a snake coming out of him. Eventually throughout the journey Keema gets to know Seueum, becoming one of the only people being able to communicate with Seueum telepathically.


At first when seeing Seueum stuck to Baem, Gehst attempted to remove her from Baem. Throughout the journey he would continue to attempt to remove Seueum safely from Baem much to Seueum's annoyance. The two would eventually become friends as they would begin to talk to each other about science and the universe telepathically.

Abilities and Powers

Seueum as a baby snake was put into a ritual that involved the smartest shamans of old Ekstrakt channeling all their knowledge and wisdom into her. After the ritual was complete, Seueum had the ability to see into the future, as well as becoming one the smartest beings in the universe. Every time that she uses her abilities to see into the future, she has to enter a state of temporary hibernation, turning into stone until waking up again. Other than being able to see into the future, she also possesses other abilities

  • High Intelligence: Seueum possesses the knowledge of all the shamans minds that was channeled into her. Due to this Seueum can be considered one of the smartest beings in the universe. Seueum can access this knowledge like a library, needing to spend some time finding specific information.
  • Fire Ball: Seueum can spit out a ball fire with heat temperatures reaching 200 degrees F at maximum.
  • Icy Storm: Seueum can blow gusts of wind so cold that ice blocks begin to form from the atmosphere. These blocks of ice begin to fly around the area, freezing anything upon contact.
  • Homing Gaze: Seueum stares at a target and her eyes begin to charge up a blast of energy. After finishing charging the energy is shot out of her eyes like homing missiles and chase the target until contact is made.

Due to Seueum being attached to Baem, she can give Baem some of her mystic energy which would then give Baem a boost in power and speed, as well as giving him the ability to shoot fire and ice from his hands. This can only be done a few times as it would drain Seueum of all of her energy every time she gave him her mystic energy.


  • Seueum and Baem being stuck together was inspired by a character from Star Ocean Second Story named Ashton Anchors who had 2 dragons, Gyororo and Ururun, stuck to his back.
  • Seueum was originally be able to speak using her mouth, but it was decided that it would be best if she was more silent, only speaking when she needs to.
  • Seueum does not need to eat or drink, however she does enjoy eating gemstones such as opal, morganite, hessonite, almandine and elbaite.