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Rogan Mundz is a member of the Organization that appears in the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Rogan has short green hair and long Ekstraktian ears. Due to his illness blood stains can be seen all over his body. In an attempt to stop his illness from spreading he replaced some parts of his body with machinery. his left arm has been fully replaced with a mechanical arm with a screen showing Rogan's heart condition. His left leg has also been completely replaced with a mechanical leg with an amulet of the chosen encased within it.

Rogan wears the standard Organization of the Fated Ones robe. On his face he has visors implanted into his eye sockets. He also has a metal plate covering his mouth which can unscrew to show his mouth.


Rogan wishes nothing but to rid himself and others of the unknown illness that affects few people that live on the planet Ekstrakt. Due to this he joined the Organization hoping that they would help him find a cure. When finding out about the true intentions of the Organization, Rogan wanted to find a way to change the goal as he did not agree with their goal of universal domination.

Rogan is extremely intelligent and can assess information at high speeds. He can solve many problems in a matter of minutes, this includes battle tactics and chemical formulas.

Rogan comes off as a silent and non expressive man as he did not converse much with other members of the Organization. With people he considers his friends he acts more friendly, wise, and even in some situations very helpful and caring as when he saw Vesper cut off his hands he immediately attempted to surgically reattach them.



Rogan was born in Corzan on the planet Ekstrakt with an unknown illness that cause blood cells to seep through his skin at a dangerous and alarming rate. Rogan spent his whole life trying to find a cure to stop the constant bleeding. Rogan eventually is forced to replace parts of his body with mechanical limbs and organs, hoping it would sustain his life longer. He was eventually approached by a person in an orange cloak who, being impressed by Rogan’s enhancements and his technological knowledge, offered Rogan a spot in the Organization of the Fated Ones. Rogan accepted, unaware of the goals and ideals of the Organization. After finding out about the true goals of the Organization, he attempted to leave the Organization, but was forced to either leave and die or stay and aid them in their goals. He reluctantly stays, but quickly becomes friends with another member named Vesper. They often discussed in private plans of how they could take over the Organization and change the goal of total universal domination.



When Rogan joined the Organization, Rogan and Vesper often discuss their ideals and morals to each other in private and got to know more about each other. They eventually considered each other friends and began to plan to take over the Organization and change the goal of universal domination as they both did not agree with the ideals of the Organization.

Abilities and Powers

Rogan has very high level of intelligence, allowing him to assess information and situations at high speeds. He was smart enough to be able to replace and enhance his body parts, as well as stabilizing his unknown illness. Rogan tries not to get involved in battles unless he needs to defend himself or others. In battle he is able to defend himself, but is not very strong when it comes to being offensive as he would risk destabilizing and having his illness kill him.

  • Flight: Rogan can levitate due to his mechanized leg having the ability to reduce his gravitational pull to his will.


  • Rogan was originally going to be a female character, but was changed due to the artist messing up on the hairstyle.
  • Rogan was originally going to be an artist on Earth 2, but was changed due to seeming too similar to Rohan Kishibe from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Rogan may possibly be the long lost father of Gehst and Keema as he shows interest when seeing them for the first time.