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Naomi Marog is a side character in the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Naomi is a 9-12 year old Teralian/Prime Teralian mix that has pointy ears, black hair, and fur covered feet that is often covered by socks. She wears a dress, a hat similar to the helmet that Lygid wears except it has the Japanese katakana for "go", and boots when out of bed. When she does not have her hat on she normally wears a flower pinned in her hair. Her eyes are not visible and are usually shadowed out from view.

It is stated by Lygid that the infected areas on Naomi's body are a completely different color to the surrounding skin.


Naomi is a kind young girl who would often make everyone around her smile. She was always in a positive mood and always had an aura of positivity around her as described by Lygid.

Even after she became ill making her bedridden she stayed positive, however she did worry for her family as she did not want to burden them. After her father went missing she tried to stay positive and find a reason as to why he left. However she soon broke down and for the first time cried as she asked Lygid to just let her die so she wouldn't have to risk her life just to get money.


During her childhood Naomi lived with her father and big sister Lygid in a small village located in the outskirts of Tondt City on Planet Teral. They were a close family, until one day she caught an illness that was incurable to all doctors. Her father and Lyigd would constantly tend to her illness, causing her father to lose his job in order to look after her constantly. One day her father mysteriously disappeared and they were both left alone. Lygid believing that her father abandoned them grew sullen and would then become a mercenary for hire to get money to tend to her sister. Over time, Naomi's condition continued to worsen, to the point where she asked Lygid to just let her die so she can live a normal life without being held back. Lygid refused this and promised that she would not let her die no matter what.



Back in her childhood when she lived with her sister and father they were a close family and loved each other. This was proven when he was fired and continued to look after her sick sister constantly. This changed after he one day disappeared leaving Lygid and Naomi all alone. While Lygid believed that their father abandoned them, Naomi thought that he must have had a very important reason if he had to abandon his only family.


Being very close as sisters and were often seen with each other in their childhood they had a very close relationship and bond. After Naomi developed an illness that no doctor could cure Lygid was determined to stay by her side and help in any way she could. After their father went missing Lygid took full care of Naomi and constantly tended to her when not working as a mercenary for money to buy medicine. Not wanting to burden Lygid from living a normal life Naomi asked Lygid to let her die so that she would not hold her back anymore. Lygid refused this due to not wanting to lose her only sister and made a promise that she would never let her die.


Whenever Lygid was away from the house Trinia would take care of Naomi until she returned. Trinia would treat Naomi like a little sister and would lovingly care for her due to the fact that she was similar to her deceased younger sister. Trinia would often tell stories and play games with Naomi until she fell asleep. Whenever Naomi fell asleep Trinia would stay up all night guarding her from potential intruders.

Powers and Abilities 

Naomi is a regular 9-12 year old girl. Due to her illness she is bedridden and is considerably weaker than the average child.


  • Naomi's name in Hebrew means pleasant and sweet.
  • Naomi's favorite past time is looking out the window and seeing other children playing, dreaming about one day joining them.
  • Naomi is similar to the character Eleanor from Star Ocean Ex
    • Both are young girls that are bed ridden in their childhood.
    • Both spend their time looking out their window hoping to be able to walk again.
    • Both know a girl that is trying to cure their illness (Lygid, Naomi's sister, and Precis, Eleanor's friend).
  • It is possible that the disease that Naomi has is the same disease that the Ekstraktian Sors suffers.
    • When Lygid checks beneath Naomi's dress she comments on how the infected area's color looked completely different than the surrounding skin, similar to how the infected areas on Sors' body are a metallic color compared to his skin.
    • Naomi comments that the infected area felt cold when getting scared, similar to how Sors' infected areas react when in danger.