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Monsters are a species creatures that originate from the Monster Realm.


Almost all Monsters originate form the Monster Realm. Although most monsters decide to live peacefully in the Monster Realm, others decide to rather instead escape into the Living Realm through Realm Portals. The reasons for why they try to escape vary, however they are usually due to wanting to cause mischief or wanting to live in the Living Realm. Some continents in the Monster Realm allow for travel between Realms, while others ban it.

When a Monster dies their soul is sent to the gates of the Heaven Realm to be judged by the Angel Petr to see if their soul was good enough to enter the Heaven Realm. If the Monster's soul is deemed unworthy they are sent down to the Hell Realm to be punished for their sins.


Monsters come in many sizes, shapes, and forms as there are many different types of Monsters. Monsters are usually perceived as evil and villainous due to their negative influences on planets in the Living Realm, however not all Monsters are inherently evil as some are seen to be friendly and good.

List of Monsters

Monster King: The Monster King is the ruler of the most powerful continent in the Monster Realm and is considered to be one of the most strongest beings in the universe. Although he is not fully seen outside of Everett's memories he appears to be a gigantic humanoid with long hair and dark skin.

Monster Princess: The Monster Princesses are the daughters of the Monster King. They are considered to be the cruelest Monsters in the Monster Realm, save for the third Monster Princess who was constantly abused and killed over and over again by her sisters.

Monster War Leader: The Monster War Leader, sometimes referred to as the Monster King of War, as the name suggests is a Monster in charge of commanding armies in wars.

Slime: Slimes are Monsters that have a slime-like body which is extremely sticky. Different slimes have different effects when touched as some can freeze or burn when coming in contact. Some more developed slimes are able to change the shape of their body in their own control sometimes taking the form of weapons, other organisms, or objects.

Wollfen: Wollfen are Monsters that bears a strong resemblance to wolves, although they are more humanoid often being related to the Werewolf species by accident as Wollfen can transform into human disguises whenever they desire.

Vampire: Vampires are Monsters that are humanoid beings that feed on blood to survive. Although it doesn't matter what type of blood they drink, they prefer the blood of humans as it is considered to be sweeter than most blood. Vampires are able to turn other humanoid beings into vampires either by biting the victim in the neck or making them ingest the vampire's blood.

Sigto: The Sigto are short humanoid Monsters

Succubus: Succubi are Monsters that reside in both the Monster Realm and the Hell Realm. They are humanoid beings with wings on their backs and legs that try to seduce males in order to gain energy.