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Mago is a fruit that grows on the planet Teral. It is considered by the villagers of Frelia to be a good luck fruit. It is often used to represent Dionicio and Everett's relationship throughout the story.


Mago fruits are round purple fruits with 2 rows of yellow stripes. On the stem is a flower with purple petals and a yellow center.

To Teralian children Mago fruits are very sweet while to Teralian Adults they taste bitter.

Dionicio and Everett

The Mago fruit has been used in the Teral Storyline as a symbol of Dionicio and Everett's relationship.

  • When they first meet in the Frelia village Dionicio gifts Everett with a Mago fruit by the village fountain. The flower on the stem of the fruit was blossoming as a representation of how their friendship was beginning to develop.
  • After Dionicio is harshly scolded by his father for not training Everett comforts him and hugs him as a Mago fruit in in the background blossoms once again representing their relationship growing.
  • As Dionicio and Everett run from Frelia village as it is attacked by a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones, a Mago fruit falls from a tree and begins to burn representing how their childhood was destroyed.
  • After Dionicio returns from the destroyed Frelia village and Everett joins him in his quest, a Mago fruit nearby loses a petal representing how their relationship was going to change for the worse.
  • While Dionicio and Xaya are playing as Everett watches on longing for Dionicio to give her attention, a Mago fruit on the ground is being sniffed by a cat. The cat is then distracted by another cat and abandons the fruit representing how Everett though that Dionicio was moving on from their relationship and giving more attention to Xaya.
  • When they both became drunk at Kazoku Diner after helping to defend the diner from Monsters Everett asked if she was a burden to Dionicio. He responded by saying that she wasn't a burden and that he's just worried about her life and didn't want to lose the person he loved the most. As the camera panned away as the two kissed a Mago fruit is seen on the table blossoming as Xaya uses her Plant Growth Acceleration power representing how their relationship was starting to grow once again even further than it had before in their childhood.
  • After the death of Xaya and the disbandment of the Teral Titans, Everett argued with Dionicio to let her stay with him with Dionicio yelling at her that he wanted to be alone. Dionicio then walks away trying to ignore Everett, stepping on top of a Mago fruit representing how Dionicio was trying to end their relationship in order to protect her.
  • After proposing to Everett to prove his love for her even after her true origin of being a Monster Princess a Mago fruit is seen on the windowsill fully blossoming into a perfect Mago to show that their relationship has finally been fixed and reached their highest point.
  • After the birth of Xaiya a baby Mago fruit grows on the stem of a fully blossomed Mago fruit representing how Xaiya has entered their family as their daughter.
  • After Everett is supposedly killed by a member of the Organization, the Organization member takes a bite out of a perfect Mago fruit representing how Dionicio lost his wife and Xaiya her mother.
  • When Dionicio becomes depressed after the supposed death of Everett and becomes unresponsive to Xaiya a Mago fruit with a bite taken out of it is seen on the windowsill rolling into the shadow away from a baby Mago fruit representing how Everett's "death" has caused Dionicio to drift away from his daughter into a state of depression.
  • After Xaiya encourages Dionicio to snap out of his depression and live life again, Dionicio looks at the bitten Mago fruit in the shadows and the baby Mago fruit on the windowsill. He walks over and puts the fruits together and hugs Xaiya as they both weep for Everett. This represents how Dionicio manages to overcome his depression and continue taking care of Xaiya as her father.
  • When Xaiya helps Dionicio find love again in a Prime Teralian named Selaf a Mago fruit held by Dionicio is seen to have grown a petal representing Dionicio beginning to find love again.
  • When Everett returns from Ekstrakt and sees Selaf run to Dionicio, she begins questioning him. When finding out about how Dionicio and Xaiya "abandoned" her for someone else she flies away saddened with Dionicio running after her and Xaiya regretting finding her father a new love. As she flies away two Mago fruits on a tree fall off and roll away from each other representing how Everett's return has broken up the family once again.
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