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Lygid Morag is a recurring character in the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Lygid is a short female Teralian/Prime Teralian mix seeming younger than she actually is. She wears a large helmet with the Japanese katakana for "do" that has a visor making her eyes rarely visible as well as battle armor she wears. She has pointy ears similar to that of Prime Teralians, although she does not possess a tail or fur on her hands or feet. She also has a ring piercing in her left ear. She has black hair that is only fully seen when her helmet is taken off. Without her helmet or when her eyes are visible, she is described to have the eyes of a predator staring down at her prey, even when she is not in battle making others sometimes uncomfortable when near her.


Lygid by nature is untrusting and suspicious of others that she meets due to being abandoned by her father at a young age, essentially getting rid of her childhood. Because of this she did not talk much to others except for her sister Naomi who was her only friend at the time. She also developed a cold personality due to having to kill many people, not knowing if they were good or bad. She however has a kinder side which she only showed to her sister. She is shown to be really caring as she would constantly work to keep her sister alive refusing to let her die, to the point where she refused death when fighting against Dio because of her promise to keep her alive.

After seeing the kindness of Dio's group after they kept her alive after her fight with Dio, she began to become more trusting of others and became a kinder more sympathetic person.

Lygid tends to be easily embarrassed as whenever anyone compliments her she gets flustered and distracted as seen whenever Korenis compliments her in any way.



During her childhood Lygid lived with her father and little sister Naomi in a small house located in the outskirts of Tondt City on Planet Teral. They were a close family, until one day her sister caught an illness that was incurable to all doctors. Her father and her would constantly tend to her illness, causing her father to lose his job in order to look after her sister constantly. One day her father mysteriously disappeared and Lygid was left alone with her sister. Believing that her father abandoned them, Lygid grew sullen and would then become a mercenary for hire to get money to tend to her sister. Over time, Naomi's condition continued to worsen, to the point where she asked Lygid to just let her die so she can live a normal life without being held back. Lygid refused this and promised that she would not let her die no matter what.

At some point she befriended another mercenary named Trinia who promised to take care of Naomi while Lygid was off working.

Meeting An Organization Member

One day she was approached by a figure in an orange cloak who somehow knew of Naomi's illness. Suspicious of this person, Lygid decided to attack them, but was easily persuaded to cease her attack when they said they knew of a cure to her sister's illness. The figure proceeded to show their magical capabilities by bringing a dead plant back to life. Convinced after seeing this, Lygid decided to hear of the cloaked figure's request. She was told that her sister's illness would be completely gone if she managed to assassinate a man by the name of Dio Flei. Despite somehow knowing that the person was most likely lying and was untrustworthy, she still agreed willing to take any chance to cure her sister.

Before she left the person removed gave Lygid a sword they called the Utena Blade, telling her that if she is in a pinch that all she had to do was stab her heart as the blade was enchanted with a revitalizing spell that would strengthen her and transform the weapon if she was in a dire situation. Not entirely trusting this statement she took the sword and began to search for Dio.

First Encounter with Dio Flei

Eventually Lygid tracked down Dio's group in a forest clearing where she then attempted to ambush Dio from behind, but was countered when Dio struck back in time stating that he knew she was following them. Dio then told the others not to interfere in the battle and they began to spar. During their battle Lygid fought on par with Dio impressing him. He then complimented her for her skills with a sword, but then stated that she was still not strong enough to defeat him. He then slashed her across the chest and sliced her visor in half. Declaring that there was no point in fighting anymore Dio told his group to start walking as he prepared to leave telling her to find the nearest village to get medical help.

Refusing to let him win, Lygid then stabs her self in the heart with the Utena Blade, causing the others to mistake it as suicide. While they were shocked, the wounds on Lygids body began to heal as the sword began to levitate and the blade began to widen and grow in length becoming a massive broadsword bigger than her, surrounding her and the sword in a purple aura. She then leaped at Dio, before comically being pulled back by the sword as she attempted to lift it up. As Dio then prepared to leave again Lygid angrily swung the sword at Dio catching him off guard. With every strike Lygid began to become more and more adept with the Utena Blade slowly overpowering Dio until she was eventually done in when he used his strongest attack, Shadow Vanquishment, causing her to collapse on the ground on the brink of death. Dio surprised that she was still alive asked her how she was fighting back death. Lygid then began to rise up refusing to lose mumbling aloud that she has to keep her promise to her "little sis" as she attempted to lift up her sword again to stab herself in the heart again, before collapsing to the ground unconscious. Afterwards she was carried by Korenis along with the group to the nearest village where her wounds were treated.

Befriending Dio's Group

When she awoke she was in a bed being watched over by Korenis who then ran off to inform Dio that she awoke. Confused as to why she was still alive and that all her equipment was repaired she began to worry that she had been asleep for too long and that Naomi may be in trouble. Just before she began to get out of bed Dio returned to the room and began to ask her why she was so determined to kill him out of curiosity as even when she was dying she still tried to fight him. Reluctant to tell Dio anything he then got up and told Korenis to pack up and prepare to leave, but not before telling Lygid about how he was on a quest to find an a man in an orange robe that destroyed his village.

Before he opened the door, Lygid then began to talk about her sister's sickness and all the events in her life that led up to her trying to assassinate Dio for a orange cloaked person. Feeling sympathetic for Lygid he began to tell of his backstory and how his entire village was destroyed by a member of the Organization and how he watched nearly all the people he knew suffer and die. Dio then told of how he knew the feeling of seeing someone you care about suffering right before your eyes and decided to give her a small bag of valuable jewels she could use to pay for more medical treatment for her sister. Korenis then suggests that she come along with them in their journey as it was most likely the work of the Organization that caused her sister's sickness as others have been falling ill with similar symptoms ever since Organization members began appearing. Dio then declines this option for Lygid as he believed that she should go back to her sister as soon as possible. Lygid then thanked Dio for his kindness and apologized for attempting to kill him, to which he simply smirked back at her and left the house. Korenis then said that she was a real softy deep down, to which he received a piercing glare from Lygid as he nervously walked out the door.

After getting out of the house she began to walk around town and was spotted by Everett, Aubrey, Jolyne, and Xaya and they convinced her to walk with them. As they conversed while looking through shops they talked about their pasts (except for Xaya and Aubrey) until she realized that she has to return to her sister quickly. Before she departed from the group, Lygid appeared one more time to thank them and told them that if they needed any help all they would need to do was post a bounty requesting for her help. After wishing them good luck Lygid then went on her way to return to her sister while Dio's group continued on their journey to find out more about the Organization of the Fated Ones.

Returning to her sister

Once she returned to her house, Lygid was greeted by Trinia who told her that Naomi was doing fine and that she was asleep in bed. After thanking Trinia for watching over her little sister, Naomi woke up and attempted to run to Lygid only to fall and be caught by Trinia. Naomi asks Lygid if she completed her mission and she responds by saying that she would be taking a short break from work as she showed Naomi the bag of jewels that Dio gave her to pay for medical treatment. Asking if she would be able to go outside for the first time in years, Lygid responds by saying that all they could do was hope. To lift her little sister's mood she began to tickle Naomi to force her to smile to Trinia's amusement as she watched from the doorway commenting that under her cold and menacing shell Lygid was just a loving sister.

Joining Dio's Group

When seeking information on the assassin Dularn Nell Dio posted a bounty for Lygid on a village message board. Lygid then mysteriously falls from the sky and greets them again, everyone questioning how she got there with the topic being ignored as she asks why they called her. After they explained to her that they were seeking to find the whereabouts about Dularn Nell due to sightings of Dularn Nell negotiating with Organization members. Lygid then tells them that Dularn Nell is usually spotted in the Ekusuperu Kingdom. Lygid then offered to guide them to the kingdom and join them in their investigation, to which they gladly accept.

The group splits up with Everett, Aubrey, Jolyne, and Karinus shopping for supplies, and Dio, Xaya, Korenis, and Lygid searching for an inn to stay at. After finding an inn and getting all the supplies everyone heads to their room to sleep except for Dio deciding to train. Lygid seeing him decides to spar with him and Korenis watches from the distance in secret. After their training starts to disturb a sleeping Xaya Korenis steps in and stops the both of them saying that some people were to trying to sleep and that they should be considerate. Korenis jokingly invites Lygid to sleep in his room to prevent waking up the others with the creaking floor boards, to which she immediately declines stating that she would rather sleep with a pack of ravenous wolves causing Xaya to shiver in the other room. The next morning the group sets off and proceed to journey to the Ekusuperu Kingdom in search of Dularn Nell.



Back in her childhood when she lived with her sister and father they were a close family and loved each other. This was proven when he was fired and continued to look after her sick sister constantly. This changed after he one day disappeared leaving Lygid and Naomi all alone causing Lygid to despise him, thinking that he abandoned them. From then on as her sister's illness got worse, she loathed her father even more.


Being very close as sisters and were often seen with each other in their childhood they had a very close relationship and bond. After Naomi developed an illness that no doctor could cure Lygid was determined to stay by her side and help in any way she could. After their father went missing Lygid took full care of Naomi and constantly tended to her when not working as a mercenary for money to buy medicine. Not wanting to burden Lygid from living a normal life Naomi asked Lygid to let her die so that she would not hold her back anymore. Lygid refused this due to not wanting to lose her only sister and made a promise that she would never let her die.


At some point in time Lygid met Trinea and befriended her becoming good enough friends for her to trust Trinea with taking care of Naomi while she was off working.

Dio Flei

When Lygid was hired to hunt Dio for a cure to her sister's illness she did not hesitate and took up the offer. After her battle with Dio ending with him not killing her and instead bringing her to a village and having her completely healed she still did not fully trust Dio. It was not until she heard of his back story and him giving her a bag of valuable jewels to pay for her sister's medical care that she finally befriended and trusted Dio.


Lygid first met Korenis when she fought against Dio for the first time. Throughout the fight Korenis would constantly comment on how he thought she was cute and looked cool when fighting, distracting Lygid multiple times. After Lygid was beaten by Dio, Korenis volunteered to carry her to the nearest village for medical treatment. While everyone was in the village Korenis stayed with Lygid to watch over her until she woke. After she awoke he was overjoyed as he stated that he was worried that he might not have been able to see her face again. Korenis would then constantly make comments on her every time he saw her, either embarrassing or annoying her.

Regardless she still considered him a friend and in some ways admired him for his fighting skill and his kindness to not just women, but all people. During battles Korenis would constantly try to defend Lygid even when she did not require help. It was not until she was told by Korenis about how his father cruelly treated him that she really began to understand him for why he was always nice to everyone, even his enemies. She does bear some romantic feelings for him, but tends to throw them away thinking that they would never be together.

Powers and Abilities

Due to having to work as a mercenary to earn money for her ill sister, Lygid has exceptional skills in assassinating and has seldom failed in any bounty hunts. Lygid is skilled in almost all forms of weaponry available on Planet Teral including but not limited to swords, bows, maces, battle axes, katar, shurikens, tonfa, sais, etc. She is most skilled in using swords, more specifically broadswords. She wears Platina Armor, one of the strongest metals on Planet Teral used usually by high ranking soldiers.

Utena Blade

After meeting with a member of the Organization she was given the Utena Blade, a very basic looking broadsword around 40 inches made out of carbon steel. Having prior skills to using broadswords, Lygid adapts easily to this sword and was able to be on par with Dio before he got serious in their battle. The Utena Blade has a fail safe for when Lygid is in danger. This fail safe can only be activated if Lygid is close to being defeated and requires her to stab herself in the heart with the tip of the sword. Doing this would cause her to revitalized and stronger as well as healing all previous wounds. After doing this the sword would begin to levitate in the air and transform as the blade and hilt would expand as well as surrounding both Lygid and the weapon in a purple electric-like aura. After this process Both Lygid and the sword would become more devastatingly powerful as well as being faster, leading her to almost defeating Dio. After the first time using the Utena Blade's fail safe, the sword permanently stayed the same size. Along with the new form of the Utena Blade came new abilities available for Lygid to use:

  • Gust Ripper: Lygid swings the Utena Blade with enough force to cause a gust of wind to shoot in a specific direction, being able to cut down multiple trees at once.
  • Crescent Slash: Lygid slashes crescents of energy out of her sword.
  • Berserk Breaker: Lygid violently hacks and slashes at the opponent at high speeds until she tires out.
  • Violet Whirlwind: Lygid swings her sword around as she starts circling around creating a whirlwind that she then shoots at a specific direction.
  • Phantom Clones: Lygid can create mirages of herself to trick enemies into attacking and making contact with one of her fakes, causing them to be shocked by high voltage energy.
  • Velocity Vanquishment: A variation of the attack Shadow Vanquishment used by Dio Flei, this version of the attack is much quicker, but is easier to counter.


  • Lygid's sword, the Utena Blade, was inspired by the swords used by Dracule Mihawk (One Piece), the Yoru, and Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7), the Buster Sword.
  • Lygid has a fear of cats, as she once witnessed a large catlike monster slaughtering 3 men viciously on her first day of working as a mercenary.
  • Lygid's original design showed her being slightly taller with long hair coming out of the back of her helmet, which itself was also a bit smaller. She also had the Japanese katakana for "go" on her breastplate 4 times.
  • Lygid originally had a more insane personality in which she would stab herself just to scare her opponents for her own entertainment rather than because of the Utena Blade's power.