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"I see that you have chosen to indulge yourself before our mission. Make sure you clean yourself up, my nose is sensitive to perverted dogs." ― Lixue to Viktor walking in on Viktor making out with his slaves.
"(Lixue) You know, ever since the first day I was assigned to be your assistant I have always wondered one thing.

(Viktor) And that would be?

(Lixue) You, the most womanizing sex addict in the galaxy, treated me differently. I know it's not that you don't find me attractive and I also know it's not that you have romantic feelings for me, so why specifically me out of all the women in the galaxy do you treat me specially?

(Viktor) ......I.....You just remind me of someone. Someone I lost a long time ago, long before the Organization, long before my kinghood, and long before I learned true pain. I see a bit of her in you and, looking at you just reminds me of what I've become, what she warned me not to be, what she loathed....... Is that enough information for you?

(Lixue) ......Yes.....I believe I know enough." ― Lixue talking to Viktor after he killed a rogue Organization member who attacked Lixue

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