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Kyudo Kazoku is one of the waitresses and cooks at the Kazoku Diner. She works there alone with her older brother and sister after their parents were mysteriously killed in a fire.


Kyudo has purple hair, green eyes, and long ears.

Kyudo wears the Kazoku Diner Waitress uniform tailored specially for her by her mother. She also wears round glasses

Kyudo and Kumiko have a nearly identical appearance although Kyudo appears younger.


Unlike her sister Kyudo is more soft spoken and shy as she would often stammer and stutter when talking with customers. Regardless she is still friendly to others.

When complimented Kyudo tends to freeze up and blush. This happens often when at one point she was called cute by Korenis during a battle and she ended up getting flustered freezing in the middle of the battle field.

During battle Kyudo's meekness is shown as she does not like fighting as she is easily frightened. Due to this she learned how to use a bow so that she could stay far from enemies.


Kazoku Diner Opening 


Death of Parents 


Taking care of Kazoku Diner 


Meeting Dio's Group 


Defending against Monsters


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Powers and Abilities

Due to having to take care of the Kazoku Diner without her parents, Kyudo was forced to work alone with Kiyosho and Kumiko forcing her to increase her speed and endurance. After an attack on the diner that was stopped barely by Kiyosho, Kyudo learned how to use a bow so that she could stay far from enemies, but still help in the fight.


Kyudo Quotes


  • Kyudo was originally going to be an alternate design for Kumiko but was changed into an entirely new character.