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These are quotes said by Korenis.


Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"Rather than fighting, wouldn't you rather be having a nice dinner somewhere with me?" ― Karinus fighting against non-specific female characters

"(Korenis) I love it when you get all heated, you always looks so cute with all that armor on such a tiny body.

(Lygid) You never seem to know when to shut up do you."

― Korenis fighting against Lygid

"(Korenis) Go easy on your older brother alright? You still need me to teach you about the world right?

(Karinus) I will show you what father taught me after all those years."

― Korenis fighting against Karinus

"A Felinefolk huh? Well I'm not one to be picky." ― Korenis fighting against a non-specific female Felinefolk character

Win Quotes

"So now that that's done, how about that dinner? I know a good restaurant that serves the best drinks on Teral." ― Korenis after beating non-specific female characters

"You okay Lygid? I would hate it if I accidentally left a scar on that cute face of yours." ― Korenis after beating Lygid

"You know you don't have to hold back THAT much. Don't forget I went through some of the same training that father put you through." ― Korenis after beating Karinus

"So is it okay if I scratch your ears? Or is that considered taboo for your race?" ― Korenis after beating a non-specific Felinefolk character

Lose Quotes

"Lucky for you I have a thing for strong girls who can pack a punch." ― Dio after being beaten by non-specific female characters.

"Karinus, WHAT did I just say about going easy on me?" ― Korenis after being beaten by Karinus

"Please don't make such a scary face! Although it is still pretty cute that you can be so menacing and adorable at the same time." ― Korenis after being beaten by Lygid

"I was never good with cats to begin with." ― Korenis after being beaten by a non-specific Felinefolk character