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Korenis Lain is one of the main characters in the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey


Korenis has brown hair on his head, hands, and feet, green cross shaped pupils, a tail, and a tattoo in the middle of his forehead his father gave him. He wears a white dress shirt, black pants, black dress shoes, a green tie, a green armband, and weighted gold rings on his right leg and tail.


Korenis has a very positive and intellectual personality. He is always willing to help those in need (usually women and children). He developed this trait of wanting to help people in his childhood when he was put under brutal training by his father as he did not want other people to suffer for things he can prevent. He also shares a brotherly bond with Karinus as he would teach him most of the things that his brother never learned from his father.

Korenis is capable of staying calm in dire situations and can also assess situations very clearly and easily to find solutions to problems in a quick manner. He also tends to joke around as he would often make wisecracks at enemies and even his own allies as seen when Korenis watches from the sidelines when his brother fights. In battle Korenis is a logical tactician and knows what must be done for the greater.

Korenis tends to be very flirtatious around women as he would often compliment them and give extra care to them. Although most women appreciate his kindness, others tend to be put off by his helpfulness.

Although he tends to be well natured he does also have a mischievous side as he would often toy with his brother and trick him into doing things as a prank. These pranks usually involved embarrassing Karinus without him realizing it, which would often lead to Karinus being labeled as a pervert or an idiot.



Korenis was born in the Fortonain Forest where he was raised by his father. At a very young age his father put him through brutal training wanting his son to be the next Guardian of the Fortonain Crystal. Korenis was constantly and brutally trained by his father who did not care for his son's well being and only focused on getting him stronger. Not wanting to take it anymore Korenis snuck out of his home at the age of 10 and escaped, leaving the Fortonain Forest not wanting to ever return. He eventually became an apprentice of an archaeologist and he soon became a geologist himself at the age of 18.

Return to the Fortonain Forest

He eventually heard a rumor that the Fortonain Crystal was stolen after the newly appointed Guardian failed to keep watch over it. Although he was interested when he heard of the Crystal being stolen, he did not decide to sprint into action until he heard that the Guardian was in fact his own little brother Karinus who was born after Korenis fled from the forest. Hearing this he immediately set out to search for his brother and help him find the Fortonain Crystal.

Finding Karinus


Meeting Abram Kidd and Eires


Meeting Luna


Joining Dio's Group


Meeting the Kazoku Siblings


Xaya's Secret Revealed


Group Splits Up


Coming of Viktor


Post-Viktor Life











Powers and Abilities

Due to being put through intense and brutal training at the age of 5 Korenis has an exceptional amount of power and fighting capabilities.However through the years he had softened in strength and power, but was taught magic by his teacher that he would use in fights. Although he is not as strong as Karinus he is more skilled and experienced in magic than his brother.

  • Amethyst Air Attack: Korenis jumps into the air and shoots out energy blasts from his legs as he kicks downwards.
  • Sapphire Sun Burst: Korenis charges up a ball of energy in his hand and throws it at the opponent. Once contact is made the ball of energy explodes.
  • Pearl Packer: Korenis engulfs his hands in energy and rapidly jabs at the opponent in the chest and finishes it by kicking the opponent across the face.
  • Turquoise Tail Trap: Korenis lets the enemy attack him. Once the enemy is close enough he envelopes his tail with energy and stabs the opponent with his energy blade tail.
  • Sodalite Shock: Korenis begins to charge energy through his hands until electricity begins to conduct in his fingertips. Once he is finished charging he attacks the enemy and grabs onto them shocking the enemy with electricity, although this risks Korenis' own safety as he gets electrocuted as well.
  • Beryl Bash: Korenis puts all of his energy into one heavy punch allowing him to attack enemies with a blow strong enough to destroy a small village. This however leaves him tired and completely drained of energy making him easy to attack.
  • Enhanced Eyesight: Korenis can see from far distances.


Korenis Quotes


  • Korenis' gentlemanly and respectful nature towards women were partially inspired by the character Sanji from One Piece.
    • However Korenis' nature towards women is sometimes misinterpreted as perverted similar to Sanji's case
  • Korenis' attacks and abiliteis are mostly named after gemstones referencing him being a geologist.