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Keema D. Leo is one of the main characters on the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Keema has long blue hair with some hair usualy covering her left eye and two brown Felinefolk ears. She wears a red headband and a white dress with a red sash over her waist. She wears black leggings and brown boots.


Keema by nature due to her Felinefolk traits she can be very curious, often getting distracted if she does not find the situation important. She is also slightly smarter than the average person, but not as smart as her brother Gehst. Keema also has the rare felinefolk trait that keeps her from being able to control her body if her right ear is scratched for too long (discovered accidentally by Cronyx).

Keema is naturally a very nice and helpful person, always trying to find some way to help the people around her, more specifically her brother Gehst D. Leo who suffers from an unknown disease. When she sees a person in danger or in need of help she normally tries to help them first without thinking, which causes her to sometimes be tricked by enemies or distracted. This kindness has caused many people to think that she was Keina, the goddess of kindness and purity. She is also very forgiving as even after Jorth enslaved her and stole her first kiss, she still begged Cronyx to not kill him as she does not wish for anyone to have to die. Keema seldom uses her powers to inflict harm on others and chooses to only heal.

Keema can be very playful as she would sometimes reveal her playful side, usually only to Gehst and Cronyx, but occasionally she will unintentionally act playful around her allies. When with children she is almost always in a fun and playful mood.


Early Life

Keema was born in the country of Winzer on Ekstrakt with the special ability to heal all organic beings. After the Kor Sala Kingdom government found out about her healing powers, she was hired to be the head nurse of the kingdom and heal those who were majorly injured and damaged, some patients state that she even managed to heal their emotional injuries, although she often denies this claim.

However there was one thing that she could not heal, that being her brother Gehst D. Leo’s unknown illness which cause blood cells to constantly seep through his skin which cause major blood loss. She spent years trying to find a cure to his illness so that he wouldn’t have to be stuck to a machine for the rest of his life.

Start of a new journey

One day her brother returned from an experiment with a man named Baem after they went to investigate a giant snake attack she was informed by him that there was an upcoming threat known as the Organization of the Fated Ones that threatened all the planets. Keema then joined them on their quest to save the planets from the new upcoming threat.


Gehst D. Leo

Being her older sister, Keema often looks out for Gehst as she is one of the only people that he considered a close friend and tolerates. Keema would always attempt to cure his disease even when he gave up and found attempts to cure it pointless. She would eventually accompany Gehst as he joins Baem on a quest to save the planet of Ekstrakt worried that her brother would get into trouble.


At first when meeting Gatcha, Keema was very friendly although Gatcha had assumed that she was trying to get close to Baem so she acted hostile to her when no one was around. Keema would continue to be kind to her even though Gatcha was still acting hostile to her. Eventually after helping Gatcha improve her relationship with Baem (without her knowing) Gatcha apologizes to Keema for getting the wrong idea and they become friends, acting similarly to sisters.


After meeting Baem for the first time she would constantly try to keep Gehst away from him, worried that Gehst would get hurt by accident. Over time she grows to trust him and eventually is comfortable enough to let him touch her left ear, but never her right as any attempts to do so would cause her to give Baem a deathly stare. The two become good friends, which gave Gatcha the idea that she Keema was trying to take Baem away form her. After helping Gatcha (without her knowing) grow closer to Baem they became good friends that understood each other's feelings.


Keema saved Cronyx from drowning when she found him drifting in the water. After meeting her, Cronyx would often try to flirt with her, with only very basic responses in return. Over the journey he would always protect Keema from danger, even when it eventually costed him his life showing that he truly loved her. She develops feelings for him after seeing how much he really cared for her after he saved her from a slave master when he forcibly took Keema's first kiss. When Cronyx became aware that she developed feelings for him, he started to act more serious around her and became more of a gentleman while still acting like his old self from time to time.

Eventually when Keema was in grave danger from a member of the Organiaztion, Cronyx protected her by taking two deadly blows to the chest and back killing him, sacrificing the normal life that he would have lived right after he was reverted back to normal. Even after Cronyx told her to not waste her energy on him before he died, Keema refused to let him die and used all her energy to bring him back to life with the help of his amulet giving her extra power nearly killing her in the process. When Cronyx awoke and asked why she brought him back to life even when telling her that it was pointless and that she should have let him die, she responded by saying that it was his fault for making her care so much for him, before passing out in his arms. After their first adventure ended, Cronyx began to live with Keema in Winzer, helping her treat those in pain and in need of help.

Abilities and Powers

Keema was born with the unusual ability to be able to heal the wounds of people ranging from small scratches to bullet wounds to extreme battle injuries. However the larger the wound, the longer it takes for her to heal it completely. Rumors have it that she can even heal mental wounds left in the heart, but Keema denies this as she does not believe her powers are that powerful.

Keema also possesses other abilities, most she learned while working in the Kor Sala Kingdom.

  • Magnetism Up: Keema can increase the magnetism between two objects to get them to pull towards each other or have one object pull towards one specific thing.
  • Endurance Up: Keema can increase the endurance of a person's body or an object. She can only increase the endurance of one person at a time however and the amount she can raise a person's endurance is limited to what race they are.
  • Vitality Up: Keema can increase the power and energy of others. This is limited to only raising 50% over the person's average vitality.
  • Feline Instincts: Keema has the instincts of a cat and can spot danger nearby. This is however limited as her feline instincts are not as strong as other felinefolk so she often does not sense danger.

When watching a blood moon eclipse, Keema's mind reverts to that of a feral animal, causing her to become blood thirsty and grow fangs. The only ways she could revert back to herself is if she were to pass out or if the eclipse ends.


Keema Quotes


  • Keema was partially based on the Star Ocean character Rena Lanford originating from the video game "Star Ocean Second Story" as they share some similarities
    • Both have blue hair
    • Both have healing powers
    • Both have birthdays in May
    • Both leave their homes to help a man save the planet
  • Keema's favorite food is Grilled Salmon which she often cooks, occasionally offering to friends, but usually taking it back whether the person said yes or no due to her felinefolk instincts overpowering her.
  • Keema created the mouth mask that Gehst would occasionally wear when feeling sick when she was a child.
  • Keema dislikes cold weather and often cuddles with others (usually Gatcha) for warmth.
  • Any attempts to scratch her right ear are usually over quickly as Keema is extremely defensive against people touching her ears, although she makes an exception for Cronyx.
  • In the first drawing of Keema there was an error in which she had human ears and felinefolk ears.