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Karinus Lain is one of the main characters in the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Karinus has green cross shaped pupils, brown hair on his head, arms, and feet, long ears, and a tail. He wears a black and green cloth around his shoulders, green and black pants, brown shoes, and wears weighted gold rings on his arms, his right leg, his tail, around his neck, and on his shoes. In the middle of his forehead is a tattoo that he and Korenis share that their father gave them.

In his original design he had orange hair.


Due to being forced to train nonstop during his entire childhood by his father Karinus was never able to leave and go into the outside world and lacked basic knowledge about socializing, emotions, and other things causing others to view him as dense, blunt, or awkward at times when in reality he was just unaware of how to act in certain situations. After meeting his brother Korenis he began to be taught by him how to read, write, and basic knowledge on how to act.

By nature Karinus had a strong desire to help others and would often try to help everyone he could no matter what the problem which would sometimes lead him to overworking himself. Karinus, while not very interested in fighting, does enjoy having rivalries as he would often spar against others who were trying to save the Fortonain Crystal, one in particular being Jolyne De who would eventually join the group he was in led by Dio.


Life in the Fortonain Forest

Karinus was born in the Fortonain Forest where he was raised by his father. At the young age of 4 Karinus was put into fierce training by his father who desired for him to become the next guardian of the Fortonain Crystal as Karinus' older brother Korenis (who Karinus did not know existed at the time) failed to do as he had ran away from his home. Due to being forced through rigorous training and being shut indoors and prevented from leaving the house Korenis began to despise his father but despite this continued to follow his training. Although he was being trained for his whole childhood to become the next Fortonain Guardian he was not interested in protecting the Fortonain Crystal and instead simply wanted to help others.

Guardian Battle Royale

At the age of 17 Karinus completed his training and competed in the Guardian Battle Royale to decide who was best fit to become the next Guardian. Karinus competed against multiple other competitors including Jolyne De, Skine, Jeorje, Prem, Samaradine, Falu, and Jita.

When the battle started Karinus was rushed by Jolyne who began battling him. Karinus was eventually overpowered and was kicked into the air and was spiked back down into the arena. After making impact with the arena he was then attacked by Jita who began to rapidly swing his sword at Karinus. He easily overpowers Jita and knocks him away. Karinus is then grabbed from behind by Skine who then tried to drag him out of the ring. Karinus overpowers him and kicks him away proceeding to battle with him. Jolyne soon joins their fight and begins attacking Karinus along with Skine. Karinus manages to use Jade Eruption to knock Skine away and continues to fight Jolyne one on one. Jolyne powers up and overpowers Karinus, knocking him to the edge of the ring. As he began to fall out of the stage he saw his father staring at him. He then accidentally unlocked his hidden power and cause a giant outpour of energy that managed to knock all the other competitors out making him the winner before he passed out.

After he woke up he was granted the position of being the new guardian of the Fortonain Crystal and was then stationed at the top of the forest temple. The next day he began to head towards the temple as some of the other competitors began to scorn him and give him dirty looks including Jolyne who was furious at Korenis for robbing her of her goal to impress her family and make them notice her for once. Unaware of how to respond Korenis simply walked up the stairs in silence feeling uneasy for reasons unknown to him.

When he reached the top of the temple Karinus reflected on his life and all his hard work and decided that his father just wanted the best for him although deep down he knew that his father really just wanted people to give him respect and simply used him as a tool. While he was thinking he heard a giant explosion in the distance as well as the screams of people. Using a telescope he saw that there was a cloaked figure attacking the villages as well as the villagers. Instead of staying at the temple and protecting the crystal Karinus runs off towards the explosions as another cloaked figure named Kakino Tamé appeared through a portal and stole the Fortonain Crystal as Karinus left.

When Karinus arrived at the explosion site the cloaked figure immediately flew off into the distance. When the elder saw Karinus he demanded to know why he was not at the temple. When Karinus tried to explain to the old leader he noticed that the nature of the forest was slowly dying. The elder then told all of the former competitors that if they could find the Fortonain Crystal they would become the new guardian. Hearing this all of the young warriors ran out of the woods including Karinus who wanted to avoid facing his father after this failure. As he began to run he was stopped by Jolyne who questioned why he was trying to become the guardian again if he couldn't even protect the crystal for a day. Korenis then told her that he wanted to correct his wrongs and whispered that if he found the crystal he would give it to Jolyne. Taking it as an insult Jolyne shouted at Karinus that she did not need her help and that if she were to see him looking for the crystal she would defeat him and show that he only won by luck. She then runs off as Karinus questions what he did wrong once again.

Meeting his brother

While wandering the forest Karinus was ambushed by a group of monsters. After easily disposing of them he heard rustling coming from the bushes behind him. Thinking it was another monster he shot an energy blast at the bushes. After inspecting the destroyed area of the forest he heard a voice behind him saying that it was rude to attack people and destroy the environment. Turning around he saw Korenis who revealed to Karinus that he was his older brother. Karinus not understanding the concept of brothers made Korenis realize that their father must have never taught his little brother anything other than being a fighter.

As night set Karinus told Korenis that he was busy with something important that he had to do and that he was going to leave. Already knowing of this Korenis tells him that he knew about how he let the Fortonain Crystal get stolen by accident. Korenis tells his brother that it is important to get rest and convinces him to stay and camp out for the night. During the night the brothers conversed about their father and how he cared for nothing but getting respect and honor. The brothers bonded as Korenis began to teach Karinus things that he had never known before like the concept of sibling relationships, the beauty of nature and life, and other ideas that fascinated Karinus as he had never learned anything other than fighting from his father. Korenis then offers to teach Karinus more if he lets him help find the Fortonain Crystal to which Karinus agrees to.

Sicuris Village

When Karinus arrives at Sicuris Village, Korenis tells him to stay there until he returns from a neighboring village. Karinus then sees Grudgly Gang bandits leaving the alleyway as a Lesser Teralian girl shortly after limps out of the alleyway with her clothes ripped and tattered. Karinus rushes to her asking if she was okay to which she replies that she did not need help. Karinus then thinks about the time when Korenis taught him that if someone says they are fine when they are truly not then you sometimes have to forcefully help them for their own good. Taking this lesson too seriously Karinus lifts and picks her up and shouts that he will help her no matter what she said causing a few people to look out their windows embarrassing her in the process who tells Karinus to just take her away from their sight.

Karinus' kindness

After running away from the village into the nearby forest Karinus asks what happened to her. Reluctant to tell him she tells him that he could help her by leaving her alone. Remembering that Korenis taught him to be polite to new people, Karinus introduced himself and in return she introduced herself as Aris. After conversing with Aris for a short time he once again asks what happened to Aris. Feeling more comfortable with Karinus she tells him how the bandits ambushed her and stole something from her. When hearing this Karinus tells her that she wouldn't have to worry since he would find them and get it back. Sullenly she replies that she could never get it back as once it is taken she could never get it back.

Karinus asks why it was so important to her, she replies that she wanted to keep it safe until the person that she would fall in love with came into her life so that she could give it to them. She begins to tear up as she states that she failed her future love as she began to insult herself. Before she could finish verbally abusing herself Karinus hugs Aris surprising her. Asking why he hugged her Karinus stated that his brother taught him that sometimes a hug is all a person really needs to feel better and that he didn't want to hear her insulting herself anymore. He then tells her that he was going to find the bandits and make them pay for making someone cry. Before she could warn him about how dangerous the Grudgly Gang was he already ran to the village full speed intent on helping Aris.

Fight against the Grudgly Gang 

When she arrives back at the village she sees that Karinus had already beaten the same Grudgly Gang members that assaulted her. Surprised Aris stares as Karinus dusts off his hands stating that they were not really difficult to beat and that they had sloppy fighting styles. While critiquing the bandit's fighting styles more bandits appear behind him. Aris shouts to Karinus to watch out and he turns around to see a mob of bandits charging to him. Karinus then uses his Afterimage Phantom ability to move behind the mob and trick them into attacking a mirage. Afterwards he then attacks them using Emerald Eruption blasting all the bandits away.

Villagers begin to come out of their homes as they cheer for Karinus who then begins walking towards Aris who still is shocked by how powerful he was. As he is walking though he is then smashed into the ground by Grudgly who fell from the top of the village watchtower. He tells Karinus that if he didn't just attack his men that he would've been a fine member of the Grudgly Gang and proceeds to step on his tail and punch him rapidly. The villagers begin to try and attack however Grudgly easily swings them away knocking many out. Seeing her fellow villagers trying to fight for their freedom Aris uses Frigid Beam to freeze Grudgly's arms. He then turns to her and says that he knew about what his bandits stole from her causing her to tense up and freeze. He then charges at her as he begins to insult her and almost reveal what she lost to the village. He continues to insult her angering some villagers who then try to attack him to no avail as he just swings them away. Before he manages to finish his sentence, Karinus shouts at Grudgly causing him to turn his head as Karinus shoots a Jade Eruption energy beam through his eyes causing him to writhe in agony. Karinus begins to try and stand telling him that anyone who preys on innocent people deserves equal punishment, especially if they hurt his friends. Grudgly tries to blindly attack Karinus who barely dodges his attacks. After regaining his composure he proceeds to use Malachite Masher, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at Grudgly's weak points then blasts him away into the horizon with a large beam of energy. As everyone cheers on Karinus in joy, when Aris asks him just who he is, he responds that he is was her friend before he passes out and is carried by the villagers.

Karinus leaves 

When Karinus awoke he was lying in bed covered in bandages. When he walked out of the room he saw Korenis and Aris speaking to each other until she noticed Karinus watching. Korenis then asks if he felt good enough to stand up to which Karinus replied that he had better days. Aris then rushes to Karinus and hugs him much to his confusion. Asking her why she was hugging him she replies saying that he said it himself that a hug is all a person really needs to feel better. Korenis then glances at Karinus with a suggestive grin embarrassing Karinus for reasons unknown to him. Embarrassed as well Aris lets go telling him that the village wanted to thank him for freeing the village by having a feast. Karinus then asks his brother what a "feast" was to which Korenis replies is something they don't have the time for. Karinus then declines saying that they had to go somewhere important as they were on a quest to find the Fortonain Crystal. Not knowing what the Fortonain Crystal was she asked him what it was to which he explained to her how it gave life to the Fortonain Forest and if gone for too long all life in the forest would die.

Understanding this she told him that she would tell the villagers why he had to leave. As they began to leave the village in secrecy Karinus tells Aris that he hoped that her future love would understand her reason for losing whatever was so important to her causing her to blush and reply with a thanks. When they leave the village one of Aris' friends, Giti, asks her where her new boyfriend was Aris blushes and says that he was not her boyfriend and that he had important business to attend to.

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Powers and Abilities

Due to being put through intense training at the age of 4 until he was 17 Karinus possessed great strength in combat and was a strong fighter. His full power is restrained by the weighted rings that he wears all over his body. When removed Karinus' power increases exponentially.

  • Jade Eruption: Karinus shoots out a beam of energy from one hand.
  • Flight: Karinus can fly in the air for a limited amount of time.
  • Peridot Punch: Karinus envelopes his fist with energy increasing the damage dealt with it.
  • Emerald Eruption: A stronger and more powerful version of Jade Eruption, Karinus shots out a large beam of energy from both hands.
  • Hiddenite Detonation: Karinus accidentally unlocks his full power and releases an enormous amount of energy that would knock out most who were caught in the blast.
  • Malachite Masher: Karinus attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks finishing off by blasting the opponent with an energy blast.
  • Tail Whip: Karinus attacks the enemy by swinging his tail and hitting them.
  • Tail Blade: Karinus envelopes his tail with a blade of energy allowing him to slice at opponents.
  • Afterimage Phantom: Karinus is able to move so quickly that he leaves mirages of himself behind.


Karinus Quotes


  • Karinus references different elements seen in the Dragon Ball franchise
    • Karinus' design was partially based off of the character Beerus.
    • One of Karinus' fighting stances references Piccolo's fighting stance.
    • The way Karinus fights is similar to the way characters from the Dragon Ball series fight.
    • Karinus started training the same age that Gohan started training.
  • By Earth standards Karinus is on the autism spectrum