Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey Wiki

The Hell Realm is a plane of existence where the souls of those who had done evil in their time while they were alive go to after they die.


The Hell Realm although never seen completely appears to be a large infinite plane of existence with different sections ruled by different Demon gods, each giving a different punishment to the soul that could not make it into the Heaven Realm based on the bad deeds they did in their lifetime.

  • The first section is a frozen landscape ruled by the demon god Nifl.
  • The second section is a long river filled with poisonous monsters ruled by the demon god Tytt.
  • The third section is a bridge as thin as a hair and as sharp as a knife that hangs over a pit of demons ruled by the demon god Viza.
  • The fourth section is a scorching hot desert where souls were forced to journey through lakes of fire and escape from a massive half animal half human creature ruled by the demon god Osir.
  • The fifth section is a dark valley where it rained fire and flames erupt from the ground eternally as noxious gases filled the air ruled by the demon god Molo.
  • The sixth section is a deep dungeon full of torturing and suffering surrounded by a fiery river and a large hydra ruled by the demon god Rhad.
  • The seventh section is a tall tower with different levels, each based on the damned souls desires and sins ruled by the demon god Dant.
  • The eighth section is a place of punishment where souls go to suffer the consequences for every one of the sins they committed ruled by the demon god Nira.
  • The ninth section is a collection of many chambers, each one giving a different type of torture to the damned souls ruled by the demon god Diyu.
  • The tenth section is a cave system where souls were dropped in to try to escape from the demons that would torture them in unusual ways ruled by the demon god Xiba

After the souls were finished with their punishment they would be reincarnated into a new life form and be sent back to the Living Realm with no recollection of their time in the Hell Realm or their past life. However if the actions committed by the evil soul were too sinister they would forever be stuck the Hell Realm for all eternity.

Some souls sent to the Hell Realm can avoid the torture and punishment if the demon gods, including the ruler of the entire Hell Realm addressed as "her" or "she", see potential in the evil soul's maliciousness and decide to turn them into a demon god as well.