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Harpies, sometimes referred to as Teralian Harpies, are a species of nearly extinct winged humanoids, usually female, that hid from Teralians and planned to become the dominate species of the planet Teral.


Harpies were the most powerful race on planet Teral until the Teralians fought back against them using their newfound magic nearly exterminating them all. The surviving Harpies would then go into hiding, using their Teralian Disguise to blend in with regular Teralians. Most Harpies were bent on reclaiming full control of the planet and schemed ways to retake the planet.

Harpies would usually try to trick people into being captured and would do experiments on them using Harpy Magic to curse them or turn them into Harpy hybrids.


Harpies appear similar to regular Teralians except instead of arms they instead have wings. They also have two wings sprouting from the top of their head. When transforming into their true appearance and form their wings change appearance, growing talons and the main wings growing eyes. In this form the sclera of their eyes changes pitch black and their fangs grow longer. Most Harpies are female, however there are few male Harpies that exist from curses and experiments (e.g. Griffin and Luke). Harpies can retract change their wings into regular arms to seem like regular Teralians.

By nature most Harpies are born with malicious intent and seek to dominate the planet mercilessly. There are few exceptions though as some Harpies are not born evil and even live normal lives by pretending to be regular Teralians in disguise (e.g. Hapi).