Hapi Nis is a recurring character in the planet Teral storyline.



Unlike most Harpies Hapi is not interested in dominating the planet and often slacks off rather than helping her sisters in their plans. She spends most of her time speaking with her pet Monster Humo.

Hapi has an obsessive personality and devotes herself very seriously to whatever her newest obsession is. This is seen when she first saw Dio and fell in love with him purely based off his looks. After Dio tried to explain to her that he was already interested in someone else and that she should look for a person that she loves based on their character rather than their looks this backfires and Hapi becomes completely obsessed and in love with Dio for his personality and ideals and proceeds to bite him in the neck, rendering him paralyzed. Even after being beaten by Everett and being told by Dio to not follow them, she eventually looks for Dio still obsessed and in love with him hoping that she could seduce him into falling in love with her despite all attempts failing.



Meeting Dio Flei


Kidnapping Dio

Jealous of Everett

Stalking Dio

Teaming with Dio

Hapi's "Sacrifice"


Abilities and Powers

Being a Harpy Hapi has all the basic abilities that every Harpy has

  • Flight: Hapi can use her wings to fly into the air,
  • Paralyzing Bite: Hapi bites the neck of a person and causes their entire body to be unable to move except for the head.
  • True Form Transformation: Hapi can transform into her true form which changes the sclera of her eyes to become black and her pupils to turn red. All of her wings also change growing talons and eyes. In this form her speed, strength, and senses are heightened allowing her to perform better in battles.
  • Teralian Disguise: Hapi turns her wings into regular arms and loses the wings on her head to look like a regular Teralian. She uses this form when going into towns or villages.
  • Age Regression Beam: Hapi uses Harpy magic to turn change the age of a person to make them younger (used on Dio to change him into a child).


Hapi Quotes


  • Hapi's name is based on the words "harpy" and "happy".
  • Despite Hapi's undying obsession with Dio the two are on good terms, except when she tries to come onto him.
  • Hapi's first and last name together sounds like the word "happiness".
  • Hapi's personality is based on the stereotypical yandere or bunny boiler character type.


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