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These are the quotes said by Gaztlin.


Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"You're sacrificing your soul to me? What a pleasant surprise."

"Don't think that just because you're wearing a fancy robe that you are above me!" ― Gaztlin fighting against an Organization member

"(Gaztlin) I shall pay you back for all those years you mocked me!

(Monster War Leader) We shall see, you tiny little speck."

― Gaztlin fighting against Monster War Leader

"A rebellion? Fine. Do your worst." ― Gaztlin fighting against non-specific Monster characters

Win Quotes

"Your reign as king is over. Now I shall rule the Monster Realm!" ― Gaztlin beating Monster King

"You know I'm looking for monsters to join my army. Oh wait, I meant "skilled" monsters." ― Gaztlin beating a non-specific Monster character

"You've fought against Gaztlin. AND FAILED MISERABLY!"

"What a pest. And who is this "Dormammu" you speak of?" ― Gaztlin after beating Jean/Jal-Tekal

Lose Quotes


"You have bested me in battle, BUT I SHALL RETURN FOR YOUR HEAD!"

"I WILL have your head on a silver platter. I SWEAR IT!" ― Gaztlin after being beaten by Monster War Leader

"You just sit in that throne all nice and comfy. But remember that I have already decided that it will be mine." ― Gaztlin after being beaten by Monster King