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This character is the future version of Aubrey Lain. To see the present version of Aubrey click here.

Future Aubrey Lain, first known as Abram Kidd, is one of the main characters in the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Future Aubrey has orange brown hair, eyes with green cross shaped pupils, and marks underneath her cheeks. She wears the standard uniform for male soldiers in the army, although her right pant leg is usually ripped with a bandage tied around a leg wound almost at all times.

When disguised as a man Future Aubrey goes by the name Abram Kidd and wears a chest brace underneath her clothing to appear like a man. However even when disguised as a man she would still have a feminine looking face causing her to wear a mask to cover her eyes.


Future Aubrey is a tomboyish girl who idolized her father and admired him greatly to the point where she inherited many of his traits. One of these traits is her admiration of women, however this is more of a weakness as whenever she saw a girl of her type her legs would start to lose feeling and she would begin to enter a dreamlike state until she is snapped out of it.

She usually tends to keep to herself and stay silent, but will reveal her true personality to her friends. This personality would be very laid back and factual person often spouting out trivia to start conversations.

When disguised as a man Future Aubrey would go by the name Abram Kidd and would try to be as "boyish" as possible, although most would find her suspicious they would end up disregarding it. After the group finds out that she was a female she let out some of her true personality and would be more comfortable around others.


Early Life

Future Aubrey was born in the future and was the daughter of Korenis. One day while Future Aubrey was walking with her father he suddenly fell to the ground grasping his chest and breathing heavily. Future Aubrey brought Korenis to a nearby doctor who then diagnosed her father with an incurable heart virus which he had apparently gained when he he was travelling with a group in the past that would cause him to die in 3 months. Despite hearing this Korenis did not show concern and merely saw this as an opportunity to take off time from work and spend time with his daughter before he passed on. He would then spend the last 3 months of his life with his daughter. Before his last day of life Future Aubrey told him that she would find a way to bring him back to life after she heard an old story of a person that was brought back to life by a Felinefolk girl. Rather than telling her that it was just a fairy tale Korenis decided to encourage her and told her that it was up to her to save him. After her father's death Future Aubrey decided to try and find a Felinefolk that was capable of bringing her father back to life.

Traveling to the past

When she turned 16 she enlisted into the army disguised as a man going by the name of Abram Kidd in order to journey the planet in search of a Felinefolk. After she impressed her captain with her fighting style and abilities she was asked to assist in a secret project and in return she would be granted one request. She quickly accepted and was transported to the project site. She assisted in helping to create a machine that would travel through time. Once it was finished Future Aubrey was voted to be the test subject and she was tasked to travel to the past and bring back proof that she traveled to the past. Reluctantly Future Aubrey agreed to this and entered the machine as the other scientists began to start the machine. As a large wave of energy dispersed from the machine, it vanished taking Future Aubrey to the past where she crash landed into the side of a mountain.

When she left the machine she saw a man running into an entrance to the Palumin Caves. Curious she decided to follow him although she ended up getting lost in the tunnels. She eventually found her way when she heard the sounds of a battle clashing down in the cave. She eventually walked into a large cavern where she watched in shock as she saw her younger father battling against a monster to protect a girl named Klair. He told the girl to run while he held off the monster who eventually overpowered him after transforming. After the monster broke both his hands and pinned him down ready to kill him, Future Aubrey jumped into the cavern and attacked the monster from behind killing him by horizontally slicing it many times. Future Aubrey carried her father out of the cavern as she pondered on if she should tell him who she was. Midway while thinking Klair returned mistaking Future Aubrey for an enemy trying to take away Korenis. After explaining to her what had happened they both carried him to Klair's house.

Once inside the house Future Aubrey stared at her father still thinking if she should reveal the truth to him. She decides not to and decides that it would be best to return to the future to complete her mission and continue her goal to find a Felinefolk that could bring her father back to life. Without realizing it however Korenis overheard her talking and told her that he would help her find a way to bring her father back to life in return for saving his life. Confused on what to do Future Aubrey decides to accept this request deciding that if she abandoned her mission and focused on protecting her father throughout his quest she could prevent him from catching the heart virus, thus preventing his early death in the future. After Korenis recovered from his injuries the two of them left to rejoin with the group led by Dio on their mission to unravel the mystery of the Organization.





Powers and Abilities 

Due to her idolization and respect towards towards her father she inherited his fighting style as well as some of his abilities as well in order to be more like him. She also learned how to wield a sword while in the army and was considered one of the best performing soldiers by the officers.

  • Pearl Packer: Future Aubrey engulfs her hands in energy and rapidly jabs at the opponent in the chest and finishes it by kicking the opponent across the face.
  • Sapphire Sun Burst: Future Aubrey charges up a ball of energy in her hand and throws it at the opponent. Once contact is made the ball of energy explodes.
  • Lapis Laser Light: Future Aubrey shoots a beam of energy out of her sword.
  • Lapis Laser Light X3: Future Aubrey shoots out 3 beams of energy out of her sword that follow a target until the beams dissipate.
  • Smithsonite Slasher: Future Aubrey unleashes a flurry of slashes with her sword at the opponent as she swings faster and faster until she stops or runs out of stamina.


  • Future Aubrey borrows some of Korenis' attacks and abilities.
  • While not directly stated, it is implied that she is a lesbian as she has the same taste in women as her father Korenis.