Felinefolk are a humanoid race that descended from felines. Felinefolk bear an almost exact resemblance to Earthlings, the only physical difference being the tails that some Felinefolk have extending from their posteriors and the variety of ear shapes they have. Most Felinefolk tend to be smarter than the average person and can be extremely curious. A large majority of Felinefolk live on planet Ekstrakt, however they have been seen on other planets as well.


Felinefolk look almost exactly like regular Earthlings except they bear feline traits. This includes having different types of feline-like ears and in some cases tails. Other traits include being very curious, energetic, and if the situation calls for it their minds can revert to that of a kittens. If a felinefolk race member were to gaze at a blood moon eclipse their mind would revert to that of a feral animal and they would not be able to revert back into their original form unless they were to pass out or after the eclipse ended. Most felinefolk enjoy having their ears scratched, however for some if they have their right ear scratched, they would not be able to control their body for a certain amount of time.

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