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The Edari Hope is the sword of legend wielded mainly by Dionicio.


The Edari Hope was created by the founder of the Frelia Village, Frelianis Gornaz. It was created to power a magic shield that would protect the village from the outside world by causing it be covered by an invisible force field. It was then placed inside the shrine of the temple and left there until the village was attacked generations later by a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones. It was found and wielded by the current leader at the time Donovan to be used to defeat the enemy. After the enemy retreated Donovan's son Dionicio eventually returned and found his father's body holding the Edari Hope and was granted it to be used to avenge his village. After gaining the power and knowledge of all of his father's swordsmanship, Dionicio began to wield the sword in his battles.


The Edari Hope was forged with the main purpose of protecting the Frelia Village. It was forged with Teral's most precious metals and Visr Crystals granting the sword massive magical capabilities.

Powers and Abilities