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These are the quotes said by the character Dionicio.


Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"I suggest you leave now before you get hurt."

"GRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" ― Dionicio (Dark)

"With age comes experience. What? Oh please I'm, not that old." ― Dionicio (Adult)

"(Dionicio) You sure you want to train with me?


― Dionicio fighting against Julie Dell

"(Dio) Xaya, it doesn't have to be like this!

(Xaya (Awakened)) Dio. I'm sorry, but I have no choice."

― Dio fighting against Xaya (Awakened)

"(Dio) Ugh. You again. What did I tell you about following me around?

(Hapi) Dio! You will become my husband and love me forever!"

― Dio fighting against Hapi

Win Quotes

"I suggest you find the nearest healer to patch yourself up."

"Come near my little sister again and I'll make sure you will never be able to stand for a whole month" ― Dio winning with Xaya as a teammate

"Father....... I did it."

"Explain to me again how you became the Fortonain Crystal Guardian?" ― Dionicio after beating Karinus

"Xaya......Why........." ― Dionicio after beating Xaya/Xaya (True Form)/Xaya (Awakened)

"You okay Evi? You seem a bit tired for such an easy training session." ― Dionicio after beating Everett

"Maybe that'll teach you to stop following me around. I'm not interested, get it through your head." ― Dioncio after beating Hapi

"No wonder Karinus keeps beating you over and over." ― Dioncio after beating Julie Dell

"You should just stick to looking at rocks instead of fighting." ― Dio after beating Korenis

Lose Quotes

"Father......Everett.......Everyone......I've failed......"

"I'm sorry Xaya. I can't keep my promise anymore....."

"It seems that I have not fully mastered my sword. I must train more so that I can protect those I love."

"Does this mean I'll have to clean the house today?" ― Dionicio (Adult) after being beaten by Everett (Adult)

"I guess I shouldn't have underestimated the Guardian of the Fortonain Crystal eh?" ― Dio after being beaten by Karinus

"I don't know how you managed to beat me with that humongous sword, but you beat me fair and square (even though I held back)." ― Dionicio after being beaten by Lygid

"I can see why Karinus looks up to you so much. I'm sure you're gonna be a great role model for him." ― Dionicio after being beaten by Korenis

"Hapi if you do ANYTHING to my body while I'm paralyzed- HEY LET ME GO! PUT ME DOWN!" ― Dionicio after being beaten by Hapi