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Dionicio Fleinford is one of the main characters and the main protagonist of the Planet Teral storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Dionicio has long dark blue hair that reaches down to his chest. He wears a green variant of the Frelia samurai kimono. He gained two blue tattoos under his eyes and one under his mouth after receiving The Edari Hope from his father. Depending on his emotions the tattoos will either fade or continue to cover his skin.


Back when he lived in his village as a child Dionicio was a very positive individual that would often be seen with his friends and helping adults when he sees an opportunity to help. He would not take his training to become a swordsman seriously believing that violence would not be necessary. This outlook soon changed after his village was attacked and almost all the villagers were killed.

After the death of his father as well as a large majority of the villagers Dionicio donned a new personality which was sullen and negative, throwing away his old self believing that his old self was a failure and was failed to protect his friends and family. He would also be unwilling to accept help as he thought that it would show weakness if he were to accept help from others as well as the risk of feeling guilt over someone helping him to get hurt.

Although he usually shows a dull and bitter personality he tends to soften up to those he considers his allies/friends. This is seen very clearly when he interacts with Xaya and Everett.

Over the course of his journey he began to lighten up and slowly start to revert back to his original personality that he had before when he lived a normal life in his village, while still retaining some negativity in his heart.

Dionicio has a soft spot for children as their cheerful and happy emotions remind him of his childhood back before his village was destroyed.

As an adult Dionicio had a more passive personality being nearly unrecognizable to other people. This Dionicio was more friendly and positive in a similar fashion to Everett. However if anyone he loved was hurt he would immediately drop back to his old personality and become aggressive which was evident whenever his daughter Xaiya was in any way threatened.



Dionicio was born in the village of Frelia on the Planet Teral. He lived a peaceful life in the village, preferring to play with his friends rather than train to become a swordsman like his father Donovan who was known to be the best swordsman in the village. Although his father prompted him to study in the art of the sword, Dionicio was uninterested believing that there was no need for violence since the village was always peaceful. He often spent his time helping the elders and hanging around with his friends, one of them being a girl named Everett who he had a childhood crush on.

End of Frelia Village

In the year 2791, shortly after Dionicio’s 15th birthday an orange cloaked figure arrived at the village and began destroying the village believing that there was a legendary weapon that, “was not deserved by such a useless race.” Dionicio fled from the village as his father attempted to defend the village from the cloaked figure. While running away he witnessed many of his friends and neighbors being killed by energy blasts and fire unable to help them before they died. When reaching a hill outside the village Dionicio looked back in horror as he saw what was once his home a giant fiery pit, only to have his arm grabbed by Everett who ran away with him. Dionicio, along with a few other survivors fled far from the village.

Feeling guilty and worried about leaving his father and the village in fear as well as being haunted by the thoughts of letting all the villagers down he returned to what was left of the village while all the survivors were asleep. He was then stopped by Everett who demanded to know where he was going. Not responding Dionicio continued to walk forward. Everett then tries to grab him but he snaps back and glares into he eyes scaring her and causing her to stay still out of shock. He eventually found the Temple which was in perfect condition. Confused, Dionicio walked in to find his bloodied unconscious father lying on the floor clenching something in his arms. Dionicio ran to his father’s aid confused as to why the temple was in perfect condition asking what happened to the man in the orange robe. His father explained that the person who attacked the village was a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones tasked with finding the sword of legend, The Edari Hope. He protected the temple and the sword with his life, managing to force the attacker to retreat.

He then gave him the sword of legend, telling him to stay strong to protect the weak as well as those that he loved before passing away in Dionicio’s arms. However before dying his father passed all of his remaining energy and spirit into Dionicio using the power of the sword, causing him to inherit all of his father's swordsmanship skills as well as more strength physically and magically. After his fathers death, blue tattoos began to form on Dionicio's face and his pupils turned red due to the magic of the sword causing his anger to be visible through the tattoos. Dionicio then spent the rest of the year giving proper burials to all the deceased villagers, rummaging through the destruction that was his village for anything to keep (his father's shoulder armor and cape), and training/testing the Edari Hope.

Dionicio eventually returned to the hideout spot with the Edari Hope in hand with a new serious and moody personality surprising and intimidating everyone but Everett. Seeing that Dionicio had the sword of legends, Everett joined him in his quest to find the person that destroyed their village and so that she could possibly find her real parents. This time however Everett refused to let Dionicio leave alone much to his dismay as he worried he would lose another person he cared for if he brought her. He eventually agreed making her promise that she would not get in his way.


When entering a village Dionicio noticed a ransom on the village message board for a little girl. After seeing the poster Dionicio immediately set off to find the girl worrying that he might have seen the poster too late and that she may have been harmed or killed. Dionicio eventually found the house and met the captors, Stensil and Kraidin. He demanded that they let her go, but they refused unless he gave them the money on the ransom. Annoyed, Dionicio yells that they didn't deserve to get anything in return other than a painful death. Hearing this they denied that they were people and transformed into large wolf-like monsters managing to overpower Dionicio breathing a submissive breathe down his throat forcing him to pass out and he was then thrown into a cellar.

When he awoke he noticed a little girl crying in the corner. Dionicio immediately ran towards her and asked if she was alright. After conversing with the girl he found out that her name was Xaya and that she had been held captive for days. He asked her if they did anything bad to her and she remained silent looking away causing Dionicio to think of something else to talk about. She told him that she lost her faith in humanity and that she was shocked that someone would come save her. He replied saying that ever since he saw her picture on the ransom he was worried to death that she might have been dead and that he was beyond relieved that she was alive. After putting her into a good mood Stensil and Kraidin walked in and began to walk towards Xaya. Dionicio blocked their way in an attempt to stop them, but was overpowered and binded with entrapment chains causing him to be unable to move. He demanded to know what they did with her and they responded by making Xaya say what they did to her. She began to unsteadily talk about her tortures before she began to cry. Stensil sadistically smiled as Kraidin began to rub her cheek saying that she was forgetting something very important. Xaya refused to talk but was threatened when Kraidin said that if she did not speak she would have another visit with the "Wolf Man". Upon hearing this Xaya whimpered that she was used and tortured in unholy ways for their own pleasure and that they did the same to all the other missing kids that they kidnapped before killing them.

Dionicio was enraged and demanded to know exactly how many kids they killed as Stensil jokingly responds by saying that they killed the same amount of kids as the number of strands of hair on Dionicio's head. Hearing this he became completely infuriated and managed to break free of the entrapment chains and retrieved his sword attacking the Stensil first as the captors began to transform back into their monster forms. Although they managed to deal major damage to Dionicio breaking some of his bones, he relentlessly attacked them and eventually overpowered both of them. Even after killing the both of them he continued to slaughter the bodies in a fit of rage. After regaining his composure, he quickly ran to Xaya and knelt down in forgiveness claiming that he could have saved her and the other children sooner if he had only known earlier. She then pat his head saying that he was not at fault and that she was grateful that he even came to save her.

Soon after checking the building for other children they left and Dionicio asked where her parents were. Xaya told him that they died a long time ago and she lived alone for most of her life. Hearing this he offered to be her older brother and adopt her. Upon hearing this Xaya smiled and hugged him addressing him as big brother starting their new relationship as brother and sister. He then brought her into the nearby town to look for Everett. After introducing Xaya to Everett they looked for a restaurant to feed Xaya and along the way Dionicio bought new clothes for Xaya that looked like the clothes her parents gave her.

Meeting Karinus, Korenis, Aubrey, and Julie


Meeting Lygid


Kazoku Diner


Xaya's secret revealed

Xaya is eventually separated from the group when taken away by a member of the Organization of the Fated Ones as a hostage. They eventually meet Xaya again as she carries the dead body of the Organization member out with her. After revealing her Guran tattoo covered face she apologizes and tells them that she was the rumored legendary god that destroyed Teral every 200 year cycle and that it was time for the cycle to end once again. She apologizes for deceiving them and says that the pain would be over soon as she attempts to kill them all as she summons the Sacred Guran Staff to her hand.

She begins to attack them with overwhelming bursts of energy as they attempt to reason with her and prevent her from destroying the planet. They are eventually forced to fight back when Jolyne De is inflicted with a major injury to the chest. Eventually after battling against them all Dio goes in for the finishing blow to the chest, but is not able to strike her as memories of all the times that they were truly happy began to flow through his mind. He gets distracted and misses, but destroys the crystal located on her staff which then explodes blasting both of them across the room.

When she came to she told them to kill her believing that she truly deserved death for taking the lives of so many innocent people over all the cycles of death she was responsible for. She is then surprised when rather than killing her, Dio and the others tell her that she was their friend and that they didn’t care about what happened in her past and that they were like a family and that she was going to come along with them on their journey again just like they did before. Xaya is brought to tears, but then realizes that Shal-Ende was transforming her into her true form.

She tells them to prepare themselves as Shal-Ende influences Xaya once again, transforming her into her true form, a more mature looking form that was even more stronger and adept in magic, but not before she begs them to win the fight. After being defeated once again Shal-Ende leaves her body reverting her back to her original form then throwing her against the wall where she is caught by Korenis as they both crash through the wall. Shal-Ende then battles against the group with Xaya using the last of her power to help weaken Shal-Ende, allowing Dio to land the final blow to Shal-Ende ending him as well as the curse stopping the endless cycle of death of Planet Teral for good.

Xaya's death

With both Xaya and Shal-Ende being defeated, she then falls to the ground. Concerned everyone runs to her as she tells them that she will perish due to the spell being broken that allowed her to stay alive for 1207 years. Even as she stated that she deserved to die for what she had done everyone began to tell her how much she meant to them and that she did not deserve to die. As a last request she asked Dio and the others to take her outside so that she can have one last look at the world. When they bring her outside they begin to comfort her until she inevitably disappears, wishing that she could have stayed with them longer. As she began to disappear Dio began to show his true emotions as he began to tell of how much he really wished he could have been able to find a way to save her so that they could still be together. Xaya simply looked at him and told him that she hoped that this would not be the last time they would meet until she eventually disappears for good.

Group splits up

Dio then makes a tombstone in memory of her surrounded with precious belongings of the group. He began to walk away telling everyone to leave and go back to their daily lives. Confused, Karinus asks him why and was simply given a deathly glare by Dio. Korenis then grabbed Karinus' shoulder and the two of them walked away as Karinus tells Dio that it wasn't his fault that Xaya died. Jolyne Walks into the forest alone asking if Everett was going to return to the surviving Frelia villagers. Everett then said that she was going to stick by Dio no matter what as she then ran up to Dio. Despite Dio's constant threats Everett refused to let Dio live alone just because he blamed himself for something that was impossible to avoid.

Everett's true origin revealed


Coming of Viktor


Group rejoins


Xaya's return and sacrifice

After witnessing Dio getting brutally beaten by Viktor, Xaya stopped time for everything except her and Dio right before he was about to be killed. She then appeared before Dio. In shock and disbelief, he began to reach for her. Teleporting in front of Dio, she wipes off the tears from his eyes asking him why he was crying. Dio asked her how she was standing before him and she explained how she has been living as a spirit and was always watching them from a distance.

She then asks Dio to receive all of her soul's energy so that he may be able to defeat the enemy threatening to destroy the planet. Dio asking what would happen to her was told that she would cease to exist and her soul would be gone forever. He refused this however, saying that he didn't want to lose her again and never be able to see her, even after death.

Xaya then began to talk about how she was glad she met Dio back when he saved her from the bandits and how they showed her the beauty that humanity and nature could coexist without the need to restart the world. She talked about how much she fell in love with the planet and said that she was willing to sacrifice her soul to save it.

Dio eventually accepts saying one final goodbye to Xaya as she uses all of her soul's energy to give him all of her power, transforming him into a Teralian God. She then bids her older brother goodbye and disappears from existence (although a small fragment of her soul survived and drifted unconsciously towards the planet Earth 2).

Final battle with Viktor

After time restarted Viktor believing that he had erased Dio began to laugh maniacally stating that he was simply a grain of sand in a desert compared to him. To his surprise however he turned around to see that Dio had managed to teleport away from his attack and had already lept towards him, cutting off one of his arms in the process. When demanding to know how he survived, Dio simply replied that he had made a promise to his little sister. Dio then proceeds to toy with Viktor using his new power to frustrate and mock him by dodging all of his attacks and constantly making a fool of him.

After he was done toying with Viktor Dio began to become serious and started to attack him intending on giving him a slow painful death. After being beaten painfully by Dio, Viktor eventually couldn't comprehend that he was being beaten by a lowly mortal man. Dio proceeded to call Viktor a worthless shell of a man who could have been so much better and that he had no use to the whole universe. After being insulted and beaten more by Dio, Viktor's sanity eventually broke completely and he was solely intent on killing Dio and satisfying his bloodlust.

Viktor began to fight back against Dio. He then released 100% of his full power and easily overpowered Dio. He then began to viciously torture him as he slowly slowly crushed his head with his foot. He then grabbed him by the head and told him that he was not only going to destroy the planet, but also the entire galaxy in the most painful and torturous way possible and that Dio would be responsible for the deaths of billions of people and that when he died he would be remembered as the person that doomed the whole universe. Hearing this Dio realized that he made a mistake and thinking that he had failed Xaya he began to accept his fate.

Saved by Everett


End of Viktor


Post-Viktor Life




Birth of Xaiya


Harlem Returns


Locating Dionicio's Grandmother


Return of the Organization


Xaiya's Kidnapping


Search for Xaiya


"Death" of Everett


Xaiya's Rescue


Visitors from Planet Ekstrakt


Everett's Return


Xaya's return to Teral

Some time after Everett's return Dionicio takes a private trip to Xaya's gravesite to pay respects. Unknown to him Xaya was alive and returned to Teral after traveling across space from Earth 2 and finds Dionicio at her grave speaking to himself about how much he wanted her to still exist and meet his new daughter who was alive because of her sacrifice. Xaya then surprises him by teleportating in front of him after he said that he would give anything just to see her again. After seeing her, he jumps back and pulls out his sword believing that she was a monster pretending to be his little sister. She then calms him down as he realized that she really was the real Xaya. He then broke down in tears upon realizing that she didn't disappear from existence and she even grew a little older in appearance.

After the two caught up for a bit Dio invited Xaya to come with him back to his house so that everyone could see her again. However Xaya declines saying that as much as she would love to see her friends again, she could not stay in the realm of the living for too long or else "he" would get antsy. Before he could ask who "he" was Xaya hugged him and said that she was overjoyed that she regained her memories of him and everyone else and that she hoped she could see them all again. After saying their goodbyes Xaya disappeared with the wind telling him that she would return eventually and that she couldn't wait to see her niece.

The Interplanetary Wars




Everett and Dionicio have been friends since their childhood in the village of Frelia. As children, he would often get teased by Everett for not being very manly and being a suck up to adults. She would often flirt with him for her own enjoyment of watching Dionicio get flustered however she was not aware at the time of his true feelings for her. Despite all of this they were best friends and often were seen watching fishes in the lake.

By the time Dionicio returned everyone left except for Everett who stayed waiting for him as a year had passed . Seeing that he had The Edari Hope and a new serious and moody personality Everett was surprised, but regardless still greeted him the same. Seeing that he had the sword of legends, Everett joined him in his quest to find the person that destroyed their village and so that she could possibly find her real parents, much to his dismay as he worried for her safety.

Over the journey Everett would attempt to lighten Dionicio up, normally by reminding him of their past life in the village, which would either comfort him or anger him. Dionicio over the journey acts overprotective of Everett and would often try to protect her rather than letting her fight. He would also refuse to let her help him due to not wanting her to put herself in danger, but she would always end up helping him regardless. Over the journey he does lighten up with the help of Everett and his allies and he begins to show his feelings for Everett more often.


Upon first seeing Xaya's ransom poster Dionicio immediately hurried to rescue her showing signs of care before even knowing who she was. When coming across Xaya he managed to comfort Xaya enough for her to be open to conversation as he was the first person who attempted to save her. After defeating Stensil and Kraidin Dionicio decided to adopt Xaya as his younger sister to which she showed great joy to.

Dionicio and Xaya grow a bond that would fill the hole in Dio's heart left behind by the death of almost his entire village and fill in the loneliness Xaya was trapped in for hundreds of years. Whenever Xaya was in danger he would risk his life to protect her (which happens on numerous occasions) as he assured Xaya that no matter what he would protect her and make sure no one would ever make her cry. When being forced to fight her at the end of the 199th year of the cycle, he was not able to land the final blow to her due to not wanting being able to bring himself to kill her. After her inevitable death Dionicio fell into a small depression and began to revert back to his old negative self blaming himself for her death.

When the spirit of Xaya appeared before Dionicio after he was being utterly defeated by Viktor, a member of the Organization, he immediately tried to reach for her despite being mortally wounded. She asked him to use all her power to vanquish the enemy so that the world Xaya loved would live on at the cost of her existence. After begging Xaya to not sacrifice her existence he reluctantly accepted and Xaya used all the power in her soul to give Dio the strength to protect Teral as she disappeared from existence. After the battle was over, Dionicio mourned for Xaya once again, unaware that a small fragment of her soul lived on and was unconsciously drifting towards another planet, Earth 2, waiting to be awakened by a person with a pure heart that would let her live within their soul.





Powers and Abilities

Prior to receiving The Edari Hope from his father, Dionicio had little to no training with using swords. However after being given the sword by his father, the abilities and skills that his father had were transferred to Dionicio, making him stronger while however forcing him to still train in order to unlock these abilities one by one.

The Edari Hope

  • Phoenix Lance: A long blade of fiery energy bursts from the tip of The Edari Hope increasing it's range.
  • Lord's Laceration: Dionicio violently slashes at the enemy as he circles around them trapping the enemy.
  • Golden Arrivi Cross: Dionicio slashes horizontally at the enemy then slices upwards vertically lifting the enemy into the air.
  • Dragon Beacon: Dionicio forms a beacon of energy that bursts from the ground in the shape of a dragon.
  • Air Shatter Slash: Dionicio slashes the air causing oxygen molecules to form into shards and fly towards the enemy.

Teralian God Form

  • Flight: In this form Dionicio is able to take flight.

Dark Dionicio

  • Shadow Bird Scream: Dionicio slashes a burst of dark energy out of his sword that takes the form of a screaming bird.
  • Dancing Demon Defilement: Dionicio dons a maniacal personality as he loses control of himself and brutally attacks the enemy until he runs out of energy to move.
  • Shadow Vanquishment:


Dionicio Quotes


  • Dionicio's theoretical theme song is the English cover of "By a 70cm Square Window" by Lawrence Simpson.
  • Dionicio is oddly a good baker and would often make cinnamon sugar puffs for the town in Frelia. Occasionally he would be seen baking, but he would hide and deny that he baked anymore.
  • The Spanish origin of the meaning of the name Dionicio means God of Wine and Revelry which is not related to the character.
  • Dionicio's design was initially based off of the character Dias Flac from the Star Ocean Series.