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These are Quotes said by Baem


Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"No hard feelings when you lose okay?"

"Baem, Cyborg of Justice reporting for duty!"

"(Gatcha) Hey Baem! Wanna be in my new experiment? I promise you only won't be able to move for like 3 days tops!

(Baem) Uhhh I'm not too sure if this is a good idea Gatcha."

― Baem fighting against Gatcha

"(Baem) You bastard. I'm gonna make sure you pay for your crimes in double!

(Onuyasu) At last I shall rid myself of this annoying germ!"

― Baem fighting against Onuyasu

"(Baem) Alright you stay behind me! I'll take care of these guys while you find a way to finish them off!

(Gatcha) I've got it covered, you can count on me!"

― Baem fighting with Gatcha as a teammate

Win Quotes

"Wow that reminded me of the battle between Kukriman and Elusiv in the newest comic released! It was too easy!"

Lose Quotes

"My fighting got sloppy. I must better myself to not make the same mistake again."