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Baem Understar is one of the main characters and the main protagonist of the Planet Ekstrakt storyline of Sea of Stars: The Grand Odyssey.


Baem wears a black fedora on the top his head with a hole that allows Seueum to pop out of. He wears a black coat with features resembling that of a face. He wears a red ring on his left arm and a green square ring on his right arm. His right arm is equipped with a gauntlet.

On his face there are four metal plates, including one that covers his mouth which can move down to show his mouth.

Underneath his hat he has black hair that stays the same throughout his life.


While some in his presence tend to think of him as intimidating, when he reveals his true face many would comment on how at ease they felt with around. Baem is generally a very friendly person to people that he knows and will always offer to help. Back in his childhood and teenage years however he was not very social as he often skipped school and was a troublemaker. This mischievous behavior was mostly due to the lack of a father figure to look up to as a child. Eventually after attending a criminal justice school he began to show his true emotions to people and how he is in reality a very caring person and not just a regular street punk.

Baem holds a strong sense of justice and believes that criminals should be punished equally for what they have done. When finding out about Gatcha's abusive father, he immediately went to her house intent on "exacting justice" on her father by attempting to kill him for all the things that Gatcha told him that he did to her. Even when Gatcha attempted to stop him by saying that killing is not what a just person would do, he said to her, "You don't know true justice" before attempting to land the final blow to her father.

Baem tends to act rashly in certain situations as he can have a difficult time containing his emotions. The first example of this was when he attempted to kill Gatcha's abusive father rather than turning him in. Another example is when Keema was kidnapped from his group and he attempted to attack Jorth for turning her into his personal slave, which eventually resulted in him being shot, captured, and held in a prison for ironically breaking the law and assaulting a government official.



Baem was born in Winzer, a country in the middle of Planet Ekstrakt. As a young boy he would always get into trouble due to not having a father figure to look up to. He was not against being rude and snarky and tended to not care much for others, until one day he saw a girl named Gatcha being harassed by two corrupt police officers. He managed to beat both of the officers and scare them away stating that even he had a better view of justice than the corrupted officers. He became friends with Gatcha and got into less trouble as per her request. Baem began to go to school and behave just so he could see Gatcha more often.


One day however Baem noticed that Gatcha was wrapped in bandages underneath her clothing. After demanding her to tell him what happened she reluctantly showed him many cuts and wounds underneath the bandages which he tells him were given to her by her abusive father. Completely enraged Baem immediately ran off to Gatcha's house to confront her father.

Immediately upon entering the house he attacked him intending on killing him. After fighting against her father and sustaining many wounds Gatcha returned in an attempt to stop him. Before being able to stab her father through the heart he was then grabbed by Gatcha telling him that this was not what a hero would do and that his version of justice was wrong. He then angrily pushed her aside telling her that she did not know true justice, before being stabbed in the stomach by her father. Baem attempted to attack him, but to no avail as he then was then knocked out with a bottle to the head.

Baem then woke up in a hospital bed with Gatcha next to him. At first happy to see her, Baem quickly began to scold her for not telling him about her situation stating that she shouldn't have let her fear take control of her as she could have eventually been killed. Gatcha then said that the reason she was always beaten by her father was because she was the reason why her mother died giving birth to her so it was her own fault for existing. Even more angry at Gatcha he shouted at her saying that her existence was not a sin and that she mattered to him most of all. Beginning to tear up Gatcha embraced Baem and until a police officer walked into the room telling them that her father was going to be put in jail for a long time. After the two were done conversing they then restarted their normal lives, with Gatcha living with her uncle who then taught her the basics of mechanics.

Years later their relationship continued to grow until one day she asked Baem to talk about something. Gatcha told Baem that she wasn’t sure if she should move to the country of Corzan on the other side of Ekstrakt to pursue her dreams to study aquatic animals or if she should stay in Winzer as the only friend she ever had (Baem) lived there. Baem sadly and reluctantly told her that she should follow her dreams and that he would visit her as soon as he found what his goal in life was.

Passing of Time

Years pass and eventually Baem finally decided that his dream was to change the government system so that only those with just and fair minds could enroll in positions so that innocents would not have to suffer for unjust reasons. He decides to attend a criminal justice school in order to become qualified to be accepted as a police officer as he wanted to slowly rise through the ranks. After hearing of an experiment to create an "Enhanced Being" he decided to ask Dr. Leo, otherwise known as Gehst D. Leo, to have his body biologically modified so that he may be able to help those in trouble. After accidentally insulting Gehst thinking that he was the doctor's son and begging him to go through with the experiment, Gehst eventually complied, stating that he pitied the man.

Start of a New Journey

Shortly after the surgery there was word that a giant snake was attacking the town of Presic. Baem and Gehst quickly got to the town and Baem then fought against the giant snake, showing many improvements. After breaking the gem on the snake's head, Baem and the snake were engulfed in a large flash of light. Baem regained consciousness only to find that the snake had shrunk in size and was permanently attached to his body. The snake telepathically spoke to Baem revealing herself to be Seueum, the ancient fortune teller monster of legend, and stated that it was destiny that they would meet.

Seueum tells Baem of how there will be a threat known as the Organization of the Fated Ones that would threaten the lives of all the people on Ekstrakt and all other planets. Baem not believing her says that he is going to inform the kingdom officials about him. To get him to believe, Seueum gives Baem a vision of the future. In this vision he is running through a hall and sees a bloodied body of a woman on the floor, before looking down and seeing who it was, Baem was woken up by Gehst after passing out. Baem immediately decides to set off on a quest to save Ekstrakt, as well as all the other planets from the tyranny of the Organization. He and Gehst return to the kingdom to prepare.

Gehst's sister Keema hears of their plans and decides to join them, not trusting Baem with her little brother. They then set off to find details on the Organization and where their main base was.



Baem and Gatcha have been friends ever since Baem saved her from corrupt police officers. They would spend most of their childhood together as neither of them had many friends. Their relationship grew quickly, more so for Gatcha as she quickly fell in love for Baem after he became her friend. After meeting her again after embarking on his quest the two quickly became reacquainted and Baem began to develop feelings for her, although he did not openly show these emotions.


When hearing of a giant snake attacking the town of Presic, Baem sets out intent to defeat the snake. After battling Seueum, she decides that Baem was indeed strong enough to fulfill his destiny and she permanently attaches herself to Baem telling him of the Organization of the Fated Ones. At first Baem wants to get rid of Seueum as soon as possible, but eventually listens to Seueum and sets out on a journey to save Ekstrakt. Over the journey Baem would constantly complain to Seueum questioning why she had to attach herself to Baem, in which she would respond every time by saying that it was because of fate, annoying Baem. Seueum would help Baem during battles by giving him energy.


Baem first met Gehst when hearing of a scientist who was looking for a subject to experiment on to turn them into an "enhanced being." Baem was surprised by Gehst being a small child, even asking him if he knew where the doctor was. Gehst being prideful was annoyed and told Baem that he didn't want to experiment on someone who wouldn't show proper respect to him. After some begging from Baem Gehst finally agreed to experiment on him, with the condition that he has to always come back to him for weekly checkups. After the experiment Baem thanked Gehst and considered him a friend, while Gehst being conceited told him that he only did it out of pity (while in reality Gehst was happy that someone considered him as their friend). After Seueum was permanently attached to Baem's head, Gehst decided to join on Baem's journey to both help and attempt to remove Seueum from his body in fear that someone that considered him a friend would die from having their body shared with a monster.


After meeting Keema for the first time she would constantly try to keep Gehst away from him, worried that Gehst would get hurt by accident or be negatively influenced by him. Over time she grows to trust him and eventually is comfortable enough to let him scratch her left ear. The two become good friends, which gave Gatcha the idea that Keema was trying to take Baem away form her. Baem cared deeply for Keema as when he found out that she was kidnapped and turned into a slave he immediately confronted the slave master who enslaved her and attempted to attack him, ultimately being overpowered and captured.


When Baem first met Cronyx while he was cursed, he was rude and immediately started to insult and annoy Baem. The two would constantly fight and bicker as Cronyx in his cursed form was naturally a punk in Baem's eyes. Baem seemed to get along better with Cronyx while he was in his Negative Form since he, "would keep his ugly mouth closed longer." Regardless Baem still held some respect for him and considered him as a friend. After getting his curse lifted, Cronyx while still acting snarky was a lot more tolerable according to Baem.

Abilities and Powers

Before Baem had his body biologically modified by Gehst he was already relatively strong for his age. At the age of 14 he was able to defeat two armed police officers with only a rusty metal pipe. When he had his body biologically modified, according to Gehst he became, "the perfect man." Baem gained a few new abilities and had many attributes enhanced.

  • Enhanced Speed: Baem's speed was enhanced so that he could run at 28 mph and 53 mph if he ran at full speed, however if he were to do that he risked snapping his leg.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Baem's skin was enhanced so that all damage inflicted unto to him was reduced greatly, but he could still take damage if his protection system malfunctions.
  • Enhanced Strength: Baem's strength was also increased, allowing him to be able to pick up almost over 8,000 lbs. When using the gauntlet alone he can carry 5700 lbs on one arm.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Baem's stamina was increased allowing him to be able to stay energetic longer meaning that he is very fast during battle.
  • Enhanced Precision: Baem's aim was enhanced so that he can accurately aim an attack.
  • Meteor Punch: Baem charges up a punch until it starts to fire up and begin to burn.
  • Meteor Storm: Baem throws a barrage of burning punches at an enemy.
  • Spark Kick: Baem begins running at the opponent as his leg begins to be surrounded by electricity. He then kicks either the chest or legs of the opponent to either deal a large amount of damage or slow them down.

He also bears visors that he can put on to see in the dark and he is able to see people's heat signatures. The visors break easily however and need to be fixed by Gehst every time they break. He wields a dagger which he occasionally uses when needing to pierce the enemy's defenses as it is is made of one of the strongest metals on Ekstrakt.

Baem Overdrive Mode

Due to Seueum being attached to Baem, she can give Baem some of her energy which would then give Baem a boost in power and speed, as well as giving him the ability to shoot fire and ice from his hands. This can only be done a few times as it would drain Seueum of all of her energy every time she gave him her mystic energy.

Baem can also go into Overdrive Mode in which all the energy in his body begins to focus into his heart causing him to become faster and stronger by 100%. He cannot do this often as each time he does it he mortally damages his inside machinery which then has to be quickly repaired by Gehst.


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