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These are quotes said by B-412.


Sea of Stars: The Grand Fighting Game


"(B-412) Master, shall B-412 dispose of target for you?

(Gehst) I don't need you to treat me like a child. I can fight by myself."

― B-412 fighting with Gehst as a teammate

"(B-412) Master it is time for scheduled training session you requested for.

(Gehst) Wait hold on! I don't remember programming that!"

― B-412 fighting against Gehst

"(B-412) Although B-412 did meet new master because of you, B-412 still not forgive you for what you did to others.

(Onuyasu) Tch, I guess I'll have to deactivate you once again."

― B-412 fighting against Onuyasu

Win Quotes

"#Target Eliminated#"

"Master will be pleased with B-412's results!"

Lose Quotes

"Forgive B-412, master......."

"#B-412 Beaten#"