"She", usually referred to her pseudonym Abaddor, is the ruler of the Hell Realm and is in charge of keeping the Hell Realm in order.


Abaddor has the ability to change her appearance at will, however through all of her appearances she appears to be a red humanoid entity with horns, white hair, and gold eyes that gain a dark sclera when angered. Her favorite form that she appears as the most is of a young girl which she uses to trick people into helping her just to scare them by immediately transforming into a demonic beast, terrifying enough to scare even the toughest of warriors.

Abaddor has been shown growing wings and tails, changing her size and body shape, horn length, clothing, and more due to her ability to shape shift.


Abaddor is a trickster by nature and is often found doing mischievous acts whether they be scaring people to near death with her powers, vandalizing towns by pretending turning into a monster, or simply stealing from others. She also has a sadistic side as she would sometimes kill little animals when bored for amusement and even devise new torture machines in her free time.

Abaddor however does have a more compassionate and caring side she usually only shows to children as she would often be friendly with them and would often play with them.

Abaddor dislikes being in charge of the Hell Realm and finds it boring, finding more amusement in playing tricks on people and playing games. She is described to be similar to like a little child by her siblings despite her being one of the oldest beings in the entire universe.


Ruling the Hell Realm

When the universe was first created Abaddor was born along with her brothers and sisters. They were put in charge of the Hell Realm by "He" and would punish souls that did not make it to the Heaven Realm with Abaddor as the ruler of the realm. At first she enjoys her job of being in charge of the Hell Realm, however after thousands of years she becomes bored and begins slacking off with her work causing distress and annoyance for her siblings.

Meeting Gehst

After being bored of staying in the Hell Realm, Abaddor decided to take a trip to the Living Realm and randomly picked a planet to teleport to. She chose the planet Ekstrakt and instantly teleported landing in the country of Winzer outside of the Kor Sala Palace. She began to explore shops and buildings until she bumped into Gehst.


Brothers and Sisters


When meeting him for the first time Gehst disregarded her thinking that Abaddor was just an ordinary child, however taking interest in her horns he decided to take her to his lab. After revealing her powers and telling Gehst about her role as the ruler of the Hell Realm Gehst, although frightened, took even more interest in her. She would playfully bully Gehst who would play along to appease her. After she had her fun with Gehst she offered to turn Gehst into a Demon God for being a good playmate, to which he denies claiming that he would rather not live in Hell. She tells him that she related as she was bored of being the ruler of the Hell Realm and that it was tedious and repetitive. She then tells him about a man that visited the Hell Realm that wouldn't shut up about how the fires of his soul were burning as hot as the flames of Hell and returned to the Heaven Realm shortly after, sparking Gehst's interest. She then described him as having a pretty face that was ruined with a nasty scar over his nose. Gehst took comfort in this knowing that Tartus was safe in the Heaven Realm remarking that his personality never changed. She then left saying that she would return to play again one day telling him to think about being a Demon God to which Gehst dismissed the idea.

Powers and Abilities

Being the ruler of the Hell Realm, Abaddor is one of the strongest beings in the universe.

  • Transformation: Abaddor can change her appearance at will. She can become smaller, bigger, grow new body parts, and change her body in any way, shape, or form.
  • Godly Power: Due to being the ruler of the Hell Realm Abaddor has unimaginable power and is capable of universal destruction, although she never uses it due to never having to use it.
  • Teleportation: Abaddor can teleport anywhere she chooses in an instant.


"She" Quotes


  • "Her" third transformation is similar to Xaya's True Form


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